The First Step in Apostasy: The Anti-Creedalism of Charles Beecher

Sometimes Adventists have been so keen on identifying and describing the sequence of empires in Daniel and Revelation as a fulfillment of prophecy that they fail to consider what an “empire” is all about. 

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A Creed is not worth its salt if it doesn’t answer the question of the Jailer–“What must I DO to be saved?” The question implies works. the answer is a system of beliefs or understandings. the very question implies a fallen condition, a need for a rescue plan. So a creed must admit to a need, define a Redeemer, and require a personal acceptance of both the need and the confidence in the solution. so the ancient creeds of the Church do just that. The problem is that the Church claims it is the sole author and custodian and sovereign of that formula. rather than point one to the Triune Covenant of Redemption or Everlasting Covenant that has become since the Cross the Everlasting Gospel. The issue is not creed but ownership vrs custodian. Tom Z

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It is indeed intriguing that Pr. Allen begins by recognising ‘empire’ as the spirit of anti-christ. He then goes on to say:

Early Sabbath-keeping Adventists were alarmed at any attempt to develop in the church a centralized authority, supported by a hierarchy that demanded conformity with the threat of punishment.

So it is curious to me how these early Adventists seccumbed to the empirical rule of the United States by incorporating to reap the benefits of a religious organisation, tax-exemption, unregulated business affairs, clergy privileges, etc. As the past 150 years has shown, the SDA organisation has capitulated and conformed to this empirical form, including petitioning for exemptions.

As noted by God through Moses the sins of the fathers are carried on by their children for a hundred years. So now, not only is SDAism submitted to empiricism, it is compounded by revolting against Christ’s Righteousness by Faith 125 (and 25) years ago, in exalting a particular person nearly 100 years ago, abandonment of core beliefs to become accounted Evangelical 60 years ago, and the exoneration and enforcement of creedalism 50 years ago.

Is it any wonder that God challenges us through John to "Come out of her My people, that you be not partakers in her sin."

Trust God.


“I do not object to this statement. It provides an excellent description of Adventist beliefs”.

They are excellent, as far as Adventist are concerned but they are not Biblically sound.

“…to use that statement as a prescription of what must be believed”.
If it were bible based, the Church need not compel its members to adhere to its creed!

“Perhaps the preamble should include not just a statement about the possibility that the statement can be revised, but also a statement about how it should and should not be used”.

Our church has fulfilled Charles Beecher’s prediction of the ‘first and the second steps of apostasy’.
The solution to this would be to remove from the creed the man-made doctrines which are offensive and imposing, and restore the church to the Protestant principle of Reformation, ‘Sola Scriptura’. Until then, we would be classed as being part of Babylon. This Adventist creed is accountable for destroying, scattering and martyring thousands of faithful from its fold. The creed destroys, the Bible saves.

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