The Future of Adventism

(Steve Mga) #101

The only things we know about Angels is what we read as “men” related their
experiences with them after the Garden of Eden.
According to the WRITTEN witness of men and women [humans] it is obvious
that angels have different type of bodies than we humans do, and they have
powers given to them that we do not.
We also have mission stories of encounters with angels that confirm that they
are “different” than us human beings on this planet.
Satan and his friends are also angels. And humans tell stories of encounters
with them.
CONCLUSION: We have NO IDEA what it “means” when Psalms says we
are “a little lower than the angels.” About ALL we can say is, “We are a little
above the animal kingdom.”
God became the form of man. But we DO NOTICE that there was a difference
in Jesus before the Cross and how He changed after the Resurrection when He
became the Christ.
AGAIN: all that is still a “Mystery”.


I don’t think that her contributions should be ignored. She read a lot, and she consolidated a lot of good advice… so in essence I peg her as a “Christian blogger” of the day. And she gave direction to many who had none at that time.

I’m not sure whether her visions were genuine communication from God, or a result of a vivid imagination of a brain that compounded information that she previously heard or read, but clearly her work inspired many and as such she deserves her credit.

Of course, subsequent use of her writings as “canonized commentary” is problematic, but I fault fundamentalism that needs something solid to hold on to as opposed to understanding that truth is fluid.

As Tarkovsky puts it, when the tree is young and flexible, it’s alive and it can grows. When it hardens, it dries up and dies. Fundamentalism is in essence a process of “hardening of narrative” that goes “all in” when it comes to interpretation of certain concepts. Hence it’s as good as dead today.

(Tim Teichman) #103

Funniest post all day! Love it.

(Cfowler) #104

So true! The preaching of the Second Coming is front and center, but when the Sunday Laws (or anything perceived as possibly a forerunner of them) seem to be on the horizon, the chicken littles would be in a fearful dither. I always thought that was so odd. As a new Sevie, I was excited to think that Jesus was coming, but not the other SDA’s. Only fear and anxiety.


Unfortunately the ones who circulate these stories/current events increase the cynicism, apathy, depression & paranoia of SDA members.


What I see negatively impacting SDA future is the selfish, immature working mothers who neglect and spoil their kids and turn them into brats , not fit for school or society Some can’t even take them to church because they will scream bloody murder.

I live by 2 of them.

Hey…what did you expect from me anyway…it’s Monday!

(George Tichy) #107

I can see feathers everywhere. And the noise, Oh Boy!!! :rofl:

I predict that there will also be “pandemonium” at the GC when the current crew is voted out (aka kicked out) in 2020 due to incompetence and manipulation. :innocent:

(Tim Teichman) #108

Oh now you’re getting all serious.

Yes, I can’t remember ever speaking with an Adventist who actually seemed excited about the impending end of the world. It seems most people, especially young people, want to conduct their lives without such an interruption, as wonderful as it might be. Is it possible that deep down many think it won’t really happen?

(Tim Teichman) #109

Do you mean of the potential Sunday Laws? It is odd. Seems when one of these comes up we’d all be happy!

I suppose it’s more or less in line with the Church’s efforts to make sure that Church and State remain separate in the US: We pay lawyers and lobbyists to push the cause. But why? If the end times will include a Sunday law, which implies a union of church and state, why do we fight against it?

(Tim Teichman) #110

Are you linking selfish, immature, and “working mothers” together in one thought? If so why?

(Alice C ) #111

I agree with Tim. Many children of working mothers are responsible and well-behaved. There are so many other variables involved. I’m sorry you have a bad experience, but to judge all working mothers by the two near you is not fair.

(Cfowler) #112

I get why young people wouldn’t want it to happen. They want to live their life. But the people that I saw getting so distraught were the older folks. I think part of it could be that they weren’t “ready”. They knew they hadn’t done (or not done) all the rules and regs that were required (by EGW/SDA). I think they were very afraid of not being saved. I think that fear was always beneath the surface.

(Cfowler) #113

You may or may not want to answer, which is fine…

Do you have children? Grandchildren?

(Frankmer7) #114

Sorry…can’t agree with you here. Euangellion, the announcement of the good news that Jesus is Lord, is the ultimate and only saving message that God is sending to the world. It is never out of date, nor to be superseded by end time, apocalyptic, scary beast speculations.

This gospel includes judgement in its proclamation as seen in Rev. 14:6-7. Not the idea of an investigative judgement, that is eisegeted by Adventism into this passage, but the judgement of every evil power (in John’s day, the Roman empire), that arrays itself against the kingdom of God and his people. To those who are being seduced by the false promises of that power, the warning is to come out of it. To those who are pressured or persecuted, the encouragement is to remain faithful to God and to the Lamb. It is because the true Lord of the world isn’t Caesar or any other pretender to the throne, it is Jesus. Caesar and all pretenders, and all their false promises and oppressive ways, will be judged by him, and laid in the dust when his gracious and just reign fills the earth. That’s good news!

It has been the same message and same good news for the past 2,000 years. It’s simply Christian.



(Tim Teichman) #115

Well, if you can call living by two families with bratty kids a “bad experience”. Seems like what Trevor Noah would call a “first world problem”.

And yes there does seem to be some underlying prejudice against working mothers in gideonjrn’s post, but I wanted to ask him to confirm and elaborate.


You perfectly know (at least, you should) that parts of the message have been neglected or distorted. For example, the importance of faith in salvation that had been replaced by salvation by work. Or the meaning of baptism.

Hence, the necessity of the reformers who came along the centuries, like Luther, or Wycliffe, and many others.

These reformers brought back the biblical truth bit by bit. And now we have our part to play.

(Elmer Cupino) #117

One of the most difficult developmental milestone each of us have to accept is responsibility and ownership of our behaviors. Why did God make it so much easier to blame others?


I have utmost sympathy with moms and dads raising children. It is a challenging time to be parents. Having supportive and praying church brothers and sisters makes it so much more pleasant no matter what the children choose to do. When you know others are praying for you, God provides strength.

I was so much more critical before becoming a parent. I have every admiration for single parents, and I can’t urge friends and church members to pray for families more and to be understanding and supportive.

(Elmer Cupino) #119

In my 30 years of child psychiatry practice, I still have to meet a mother you could give me a high five and brag “I’ve finally spoiled my child into being a brat.” It never happens!

Equally sad are those fathers who truly believe they had nothing to go with child’s outcome. And to think some of them are here to teach us a thing or two. Shuddering!


Indeed. Children are God’s “teachers” to parents (and other people in their lives) about patience, honesty, freedom of choice, anger, God, and many defects of our characters as parents.

Also, judging others–parents and their children.