The Future of Adventism

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Don’t forget Ellen White.
There was a certain amount of dysfunctionality in her family.

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In many ways, our part seems to have amounted to muddying the waters of the gospel, through our own peculiar teachings attached to it, even more.



Don’t you think that the doctrine of hell has muddied the waters of the gospel? What about purgatory? What about the doctrine of Mary? What about the baptism of babies? What about the doctrine concerning the rapture? What about the doctrine of predestination? Or the sacredness of Sunday?Etc…

When we compare the doctrines that we find in other denominations to the doctrines we find in the SDA church, to me it is clear who muddied the waters of the gospel.


Are you the old Anonymous7 from Discus days, @Nymous?

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Parenting is such a tricky job. Why is it that (almost) nobody takes a course on parenting BEFORE having kids? For any other job or profession, proper academic and training requirements are a must. But not for parenting. No wonder the product is often defective!!!

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Yes, this is a great question! Let me add the handy “____ YES … … ____ NO” and see if he checks one…

Just to be clear, Harrpa, I am the, now older, same guy from the Disqus days… :wink: :innocent:


Is this the post that got @gideonjrn thrown off till January 18?

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At least a course in Human Growth and Development would help.
Terrible 2s
Trusting 3s
Frustrating 4s


Hey!!! Who is old??? :smile:

Yes, I think it was me…but I don’t know if someone else used that name…

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Difficult to know, but he was making some strange statements lately. At least he is not yet a millennial…;’)

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Ah, now it all makes sense…:roll_eyes:

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Three quarters of the time he sounded like little more than a troll.



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Nicely written!



Excellent video. Thank you. Would also recommend his “The Truth About Law and Grace”


Really? In my experience no one else can use your user name…

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