The Great Controversy: Theory or Reality?

Traditionally Adventist has fought against the Counsel of Trent and the Scofield Bible. When in fact it’s official view of justification and sactification is a twin sister to Trent. Moreover The Investigative Judgement and end times is a carbon copy of Scofield with minor twists. Moreover its view on WO is a mix of Hebrew-and Roman thought. Interesting enough the most popular advocate is its a cave dweller in theology. Fall Council was just a taste of the bitterness of self Rightousness.


We believe what we are told–well, most of us do or did–because of trust in our leadership and our prophet (without objective evidence).

Ellen White tells us that Satan’s name was originally Lucifer. She didn’t know that the name was coined from two Latin words. If Latin is the language they speak in heaven, maybe the original Hail Mary came from there too. NOT!

In The Great Controversy, Ellen White wrote that Isaiah was addressing Satan in the infamous “O Lucifer” passage. That contradicts Isaiah’s statement that it was addressed to the king of Babylon and his alter-ego the dazzling morning star god (the son of the morning god) we know as Venus.

After all these years, I still haven’t found any objective evidence that her spells weren’t the result of her epilepsy and nearly fatal head injury. (And remarkable cleverness).


And, after all these years, and all this grief, I’m still not convinced she hasn’t cast a spell on me, to this day.

It’s frightening.

I lose whole nights of sleep over this.

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We can only take lessons from the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder, a rare disorder which reflects the failure to integrate various aspects of identity, memory, and consciousness into a single multidimensional self. The primary treatment for DID is long-term psychotherapy with the goal of deconstructing the different personalities and uniting them into one.

The same applies to integrating and accepting the good and the bad traits of each of us.


Thanks, Elmer.

I believe this has eschatological implications, about which more later.


Many of us have experienced this to a greater or lesser degree in Adventism…especially those of us who have been among the committed and conscientious. And, especially when we began and continued to lift the curtain and have seen the great and powerful Oz for who it really is.

It’s the effects of breaking free from indoctrination. It’s a powerful gravitational force that pulls against any movement away from it.




A very powerful gravitational force, Frank.

I think John Carson has expressed the solution wisely and succinctly here:

It comes from a total misreading of Revelation 14:6-7. After scaring the pants off of people for generations about how they need to be totally sinless to pass through the IJ (supported by this passage), the whole thing was turned on its head to center on God as the one being judged. Now, it’s our job to vindicate him. Again, by achieving sinlessness.

What nonsense! Plain and simple. The text in its context supports neither of these interpretations. And the sad part is that bad interpretation and bad theology leads to bad results…that damage people’s lives who take this stuff to heart. It messed me up for quite a while…and I still feel the effects in my relationship with God.

Adventists in recovery should be established on this website.




Absolutely…and blasphemous, IMO. How did something so wrong gain such traction? The same way as LDS, JW’s, etc., I guess.


Sigve Tonstad is promoting that no less than Herb Douglass.

It’s just another fractured iteration of Last Generation Theology, in my opinion.

A horrible inversion of the Gospel.

But, unless we want to forget prophecy and eschatology altogether (hardly possible), we’re going to have to prayerfully revisit what we believe, it seems to me.

Can’t make an end run around this one. It’s a biggie.


What does the Bible say?
Does Ellen add to the Bibles text?

On the other hand and ideally after a successful development (psychoanalysis) into well adjusted mature adults, we can have a realistic intellectual and emotional understanding of our parents as well as and in spite of the great controversy about the character of God and the way He runs His universe. Good try!

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The same could be said about our displacement of our need for omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent parents onto a god with those characteristics, yet with maturity we cannot argue against His reality.

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After “successful psychoanalysis” there is possibly no way one can imagine “the character of God” being the same as before psychoanalysis. Only a failed psychoanalysis would have such a disastrous result.

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