The Heart of God?

Recently I was in a small Bible study group, and one person stated that God would be pleased and rejoice as Satan and the ungodly are finally destroyed. I was horrified by that thought and decided to go through the Bible to find indications that God will not be rejoicing when His enemies are finally destroyed.

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Thank you, all religion matures into an authoritarian state of superiority and exclusivity for it’s own benefit and preservation. Authoritarian organizations rely on fear to coerce people into compliance. When this fear is conflated onto God his character is mocked and the big lie is strengthened. Perfect love casts out fear and viewed thru the record of Christ’s message the Gospel is good news, because it frees the captives from bondage to our fears. God’s love is universal, unconditional and everlasting. I too find it hard to imagine a God who would feel anything but pain when confronted with what we have done to the planet and to each other. Each one, individually, will finally decide what God they want, one that is strong and mighty who rules by fear or the meek and mild Jesus which the Gospel presents as representative of God.


The problem of seeing God through the human lens, introduces the concept that God is like us emotionally in some way. To think that God would be pleased to see the demise of anyone, satan included, is reducing God to be like us. God’s very nature is love which is manifested by His mercy and allowing all beings to exercise freedom of choice to the point that we are free to oppose Him, misrepresent Him , spit on Him All these negative attitudes would reduce us to hate and to seek vengenence I see God still extending His hand of mercy despite what human might reaction might be. He is beyond our comprehension of Divine Love . To see how Christ dealt with those who crucified Him is a lesson of how much He loves. I personally would want to see the despots of this world tortured and suffer to the extent that they inflicted on humanity. I’m almost upset that He would continue to love the unlovable. God’s “justice” is seen best in forgiveness. We labor under the notion that God’s justice is like man- made laws with punishment as a deterant to sin. God’s love ,who can fathom it!
Dave Okamura

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