The Holy Spirit Blows Where He/She Wishes and Calls Whom He/She Calls



You know what real ad hominem is? It’s using a red herring fallacy argument to say that ordination should not be provided to women spiritual leaders because it’s the exact same thing as commissioning? The attack? That women would agree and say, “Oh, thank you so very much for commissioning me. How lovely to be authorized by my organization as a junior associate (this is what male pastors tell me they feel like when they are commissioned).” With the membership asking: When will a real pastor be here? Oh, you are just commissioned? When can the man pastor who is ordained come?

Ad hominem is accusing women of ulterior motives, not being subservient enough to male Adventist executives and committee members who run things. Insisting they stay in their place because they obviously are not “made” to be fully authorized and ordained ministers of the Gospel.

They just don’t quite measure up and for Pete’s sake, be quiet and thankful for commissioning and don’t rock the boat and the church has spoken and what’s wrong with you? You must be sore losers because the church believes the Spirit cannot pick those who have female plumbing for any type of anything close to ordination (officially setting apart and praying blessings over someone already exhibiting the Gifts of the Spirit for Spiritual Leadership and Ministry) and get over it already because the church leaders are getting ready to strike in their voted compliance committees to decree their “dire consequences.” Can’t you women see that you are stirring up trouble and bringing disunity to the church by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a skirt on? How could you? Oh, and forget Mrs. Ellen G. White. She’s in a different class. Although she preached to thousands, offered counsel to the top leaders, and led–yes, led as a spiritual leader and said she herself was ordained by God–she was just a prophet, not anything near a minister of the Gospel, so don’t even bring her into this.

The church IS suppressing the Spirit when it puts its hands up and broadcasts “dire consequences” to any group or organization that ordains a fully called, blessed, gifted with the Spiritual Gifts for the ministry female, made in the image of the same God. A female mouth that preaches the Gospel of Christ.

Indeed it is suppression to discourage, demand, and deny the fully authorization and recognition of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to these qualified, called, devout and humble servants of God, led by the Spirit. Denial of this approval and authorization and insisting on the second choice (commissioning) is dishonest, cheating her of what she rightfully should receive, and to say otherwise is an act of distancing onself from the Spirit who has prepared, called, and authorized females to spiritual leadership and fully ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why would anyone think it prudent to go “against” the Holy Spirit and shut down His gifts. Yes, commissioning is not at all the “same” as fully ordination to the ministry. It never will be and it never has been.

Josephine Benton spent years of her pastoral career as a senior pastor of one of the largest Adventist congregations in the U.S. at Sligo. Finally, after her retirement, she was ordained to the Gospel ministry as she should have been decades before. Now, those who ordained her are being called onto the carpet as deserving of dire consequences.

My and thousands of other 20-somethings cannot for the life of them understand this. They KNOW that commissioning is NOT the same as ordaining. They don’t get it. And they are not interested in an organization that practices such gender discrimination, much less ignores very gifted and blessed women they believe the Holy Spirit has set apart.

It has nothing to do with Third World cultures. It has everything to do with their own culture dragging its feet and blaming people in faraway lands and leaders who don’t have the spine to stand up and say, “Let’s have every voice, every member, every gifted person authorized by the church to the fullest extent empowered to move forward.”

Thank God for Dan Jackson, a man and leader who stands for the right though the Heavens fall. Who fights “dire consequences” and encourages women to move forward to seminary preparation to serve in the NAD.

When we answer to God for in God’s great Day of Judgment, Who wants to have to feebly respond to God, “Oh, I didn’t realize you needed every voice, including women. I thought You wanted me to discourage them from following their callings. The Holy Spirit? Well, I was just going by what the earth leaders proclaimed and I sure didn’t want any earthly ‘dire consequences,’ you see. I was just being loyal to the vote.”

What a puzzling and disappointing position to see pastors trying to shut down other pastors because of their gender.

Makes no sense. It’s senseless. It’s not Godly. It’s patronizing. And it’s foolish. We need every foot soldier, highly training and authorized. No second class, fake “oh-it’s-the-same-thing” for our God, the Awesome Ruler of the Universe.

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