The Ignored Familiar

i’m not pink. Or magenta.

Then, you must have been born in Singapore. :slight_smile:

Some time back we talked about men and women.
I heard this on the radio a number of years ago about the differences.
WOMEN INTUITION – Because both sides “talk” easily to each other, women
can size up a situation, but takes a while to KNOW WHY they came to the
MEN - it takes men a little while to come up with the SAME conclusion. The
Difference is this – Men know HOW they came up with the “answer”.

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My goodness Steve, how misogynistic. :slight_smile:
Last time I said that to my wife she told me I couldn’t come out from under the bed until she figured out why she commanded it. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Patrick. This will become my mantra from now on here at Spectrum. :rofl:

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Your treatise on awareness reminded me of a moment. Begging your grace in my depositing this here…something pierced this writers heart 8 years ago, and ink bled on the page.

All things green are verdant poetry
not colorless, void, unheard
but waiting for their rainbeau
scribbled 'cross vast skies blue.
Trees deep roots grip the dark soil,
branch-like arms seeking light
reject the gravity of guilt
and levitating, hug heaven
and hide a thousand birds
in relentless grip of grace.
This in stark defiance of acorn-worms
and entropy and drought and fire.
Foolish man; you hack and cut and burn,
to build a big empty box
wherein to put your pitiable and empty soul.
You doubt miracles;
you see not your own.
Then, you are gone.
God weeps, and wets the dust
with tears of rain,
and makes a clay
and breathes
an holy sigh.

please, my love, watch
and be ready
in garden mine


Timo, a deep heart-cry. Thank you.

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Oh MR. Casey, Ilove the way you write. I began reading the article without noting the writer. And I was thinking how much the writing reminded me of the way you write. Then I saw your name at the end. Lol What a pleasure. Blessings.

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