The Investigative Judgment and the Closing of the Adventist Mind

Right on the money. Yes, the numbers are (shamefully) at a never before low. All three columns (replies, views, activity) are inexplicably low. Inexplicably? Well…, not really! It looks like a flower that started to exhale a bad odor and the bees just don’t want to land on it anymore.

Your theory seems right to me. But I better not comment to omuch on it because (remember?) the WebEd said that s/he does not like the way I express myself, that s/he prefers that other style… Well, many “bees” were chased away by that “other language.” Whose loss was it? Spectrum’s loss. Congratulations! …


Brilliant translation. Was it from the Greek, Latin, or “the boox” … ???

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I have been on this site for many years and I will stick to my “theory”. Time will bear out (or not) your more “positive” alternative interpretation. I have seen seasons change and politics come and go and participation has never been this low. I believe that the only topics that will be attracting more comments will be on the GC and any new news dealing with fall out with theology, etc. It is more a matter of “interest” rather than one of “comfortableness”. We shall see…


I will venture out on the limb even further by saying that there is more than one way to kill something…making there only “one” (the correct, most enlightened) way is in opposition to having a “Community through conversation”. Kinda counterintuitive, no?

But, as with a lot of things…no one asked for my opinion. :laughing:

What you call a “theory” I will call “description of facts.” You are 100% right.
Among many, one bad thing that happened is that the Community has been actually destroyed through the induced conversation. Just see what happened with the community when an unending number of articles about racism were thrown in AND then insane comments were not only allowed but welcome. The “community” was destroyed, the great majority of commenters just quit, disappeared. And the readers!!! There use to be thousands of them, where are they??? The numbers don’t lie.

I wonder what will it take to bring Spectrum back up to the level (reading & commenting) that we knew in the old days. Maybe it’s just an utopic wondering? Unfortunately, I think so!

So, Kim, when you leave, will you please turn off the lights??? :roll_eyes: :laughing: :innocent:


You two, @GeorgeTichy, @cincerity can’t go anywhere. You ARE the voice of Spectrum.
As a new comer, I have thoroughly enjoyed and been blessed by this resource. Yeah, the dialog gets a bit emotional at times, but doesn’t that signal buy-in?
I wonder if this election has people just totally exhausted.


The major events that happened in 1844 I think are just coincidental, nothing prophetical like the falling of the stars in 1833. I don’t believe Miller’s movement to be of God in any sense.


Thank-you for your support, Bob…appreciated!

I, too, have been blessed by commenters past and present. To me, the learning has been the best part of Spectrum. :grinning:

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"induced conversation"

Eso, Señor Tichy…eso!

I would like to add that when your journalistic standards get “compromised” in this fashion then it may take a very long time, if or when, commenters/readers come back. And…no…the numbers don’t lie.

We shall wait and see what happens in the coming months.

"Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war."

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[quote=“spectrumbot, post:1, topic:21084”]
refusing to learn from our mistakes or clinging to error.

The question our brainstorming pioneers should have asked is, does the Bible unambiguously teach all (any) of the self-centered ideas that we made into doctrines?

The answer is no. For example, does this proof-text for “a day in Bible prophecy means a year” really say that?

For forty years —one year for each of the forty days you explored the land—you will suffer for your sins and know what it is like to have me against you. (Num 14:34)

A bit of irony; In both Num 14:34 and Eze 4:6, every occurrence of “day” means a day, not a year.

William Miller refused to read anyone else’s commentary on the Bible to protect his own ideas from contamination. Probably his most effective argument was that the Roman Catholic Church was established in AD 538 and abolished in 1798. Neither was correct but when his audiences did some subtraction and got 1260 years, and they were hooked.

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Well Bob, if this is the case… I guess I have to stick around then… LOL First to be in the good company of you guys, second to keep an eye on @cincerity to make sure she does not write way too heretical comments… :innocent::innocent::innocent:
But I hope this thing will in some way be soon revitalized. Maybe as the GC session approaches… :woozy_face::woozy_face:

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My theory as to why traffic is down on the Spectrum blog:

  1. Discussion here often comes in response to official church meetings like the General Conference session and its business, satellite feature stories, and doctrinal debates. That’s been postponed.

  2. Discussion here is high when the Spring and Autumn Councils have controversial agenda items as Spectrum does a great job of covering and reporting their business.

  3. COVID19 has impacted everyone. Globally. Life has become more difficult. We are grieving the loss of many. Our healthcare systems are taxed. We are on overload from a difficult 2020. This is not Spectrum’s fault; this is reality.

  4. International Church politics have grown colder as members have focused on local congregations and family during this time.

  5. Online resources, meetings, Sabbath Schools, churches, Forum meetings, book talks, discussions are becoming more of the norm as Adventist Today moves into its own international Zoom Sabbath School class, along with others that attract Spectrum readers.

  6. Women continue to be ordained.

  7. Dan Jackson has retired.

  8. In a drained and exhausting year, other priorities have risen to the level of attention. Even humor is more welcome than ever before.

  9. Black Lives Matter has perhaps merged into the U.S. presidential election as the president’s blatant racism (attempting to eliminate Detroit’s election votes) pinpoints race in voter suppression in several states in an effort to stall Biden’s transition to the presidency. With an unprecedented number of voters, people in the U.S. are focused on politics and covid.

  10. Survival. Many Adventists have been busy figuring out how to save their local church schools, academies, universities, and other entities in the face of covid.

  11. Adventists seem to be taking more opportunities to be outdoors rather than reading online blogs on weekends.

For me, the downturn in Spectrum discussion is not a mystery. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I don’t think the “faithful” Adventists view it this way. Questioning is the manifestation of Satan’s influence. Try questioning in front of those people and they will look at you as if you are the devil himself.


I don’t think it was overlooked. Many were convinced on the theory of evolution and only the “faithful” few believed on the theory of IJ. A very significant year indeed because you’ve got to choose between 2 errors.


“faithful” Adventists, needs to be defined. If ones does not have ‘questions’, then how do we discern truth from untruth? I can think of some groups who claim to be ‘faithful SDA’s’, but it is difficult for them to define it. With all the variations in beliefs, past and present, I reckon some of the ‘faithful’ have been questioning also!

Even though participation is down, I hope this forum doesn’t cease existence. I think the evening/morning discussion in this article is a bit of a stretch but otherwise it was very well written and I think captures the feeling of many multi generation SDA’s. I hope the editors of spectrum continue to publish similar content and reader comments. I’ve learned a lot from this format and hope that it continues.


Dear @GeorgeTichy,

Several times over the last few months you have made false claims about Spectrum’s readership. Last I checked, you don’t have access to our Google Analytics, so I’m not sure why you insist on writing about things you have no knowledge on. Any commenter can seen Discourse’s “views” - that is, the number of people who have viewed an article on Discourse. But as has been stated numerous times, Discourse is not our website. It is a commenting platform, and the vast majority of our readership has never commented. In fact, they’ve never even clicked over to Discourse to see the comments, so Discourse’s “views” aren’t any reflection on our website readership.

Our readership has grown over the last several years and continues to grow. As has been stated publicly in various places, our audience averages 90,000 unique readers per month. In high peak times, such as Annual Council, we see between 500,000 and 1,000,000 unique readers.

It is interesting to hear you continue to complain about the commenters leaving, when you are one of the main commenters who pushes for people who don’t share your point of view to be suspended/banned from commenting. When someone is suspended/banned, and you agree with the decision, you cheer for months (and sometimes years), bringing up their name again and again in comments, and throwing the whole commenting thread off topic. When you cheer for someone to be banned and we don’t do it, you then turn your attacks on our editors, with false claims like this, saying Spectrum has gone downhill since different leadership took over.

It is true we are seeing less commenters. We are also seeing less toxicity over all, which we are grateful for. While we wish that a robust and healthy comment section could exist, we have yet to find that anywhere on the internet, though we continue to look for ways to facilitate that here. As always, we ask that all commenters engage in polite and respectful discourse of each other, whether they agree or disagree. And to remember that though we sit behind computer screens, we are all human, and perpetuating false narratives and bullying - whether of commenters you disagree with or of the editors who work very hard at what they do - is not conducive to the thriving community you say you want to see here again.



Dear WebEd,
My comments about participation and “readers” were obviously regarding those people who come to this (commenting) session, which are the only numbers one can actually have access too. I know the articles are read worldwide in great numbers.

Anyway, without any further comment on your other comments, and most probably for your relief, I am suspending myself voluntarily from this Spectrum Website for at least 30 days, maybe indefinitely. Not a promise, but I may actually become the first Spectrumite to join the “millennials” on a voluntary basis, who knows? Will see.

Be well.
Thank you.

ABEN, I also have concerns about some other things that took place in that period.

There is Hiram Edson’s supposed vision of seeing Jesus in the Heavenly sanctuary and using that to give answer to why Jesus didn’t return to earth as expected. If God gave vision to him as he does with His prophets, why did He not continue with Edson in giving revelation for the adherents of Miller’s disappointed followers? Why did not God give this vision to EGW; His supposed chosen vessel?

And why did O.R.L. Crosier, who resided in Edson’s home, was in the cornfield with him and also worked at the Day Star, or Day Dawn paper with him, choose to abandon the group of believers along with other former members? It was Crosier that wrote out Edson’s claim and put it to press. EGW claimed that the Lord showed her that Crosier had the true light concerning that cornfield episode., but Crosier didn’t claim the vision, Edson did. Soon after Crosier and others no longer believed in those events as being true and opted out of continuing with the story and the group. That history of events of those early Millerite believers speaks very strongly to me, especially the abandonment by Crosier who undoubtedly knew Edson better than anybody.


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I don’t think that this was prophetic either. It was the Leonid Meteor Showers that happen every year in November, and are particularly heavy every 33 years, of which 1833 was in that cycle. It only seems to have been particularly spectacular in the northeast, eastern and southern US.

What prophetic role do you think this plays?