The Limits to Our Anger

A lot of people are angry. I’m angry too. The sermon delivered by Burnett Robinson on November 13 included an endorsement of marital rape and that’s horrific. But people aren’t solely angry about that sermon. People are upset about the culture that breeds a mentality that makes some believe this thought process is acceptable. Unfortunately, he is not an outlier. There are countless books and sermons promoting these same misogynistic teachings: that the worth of a woman primarily lies in her sexual value, either in her sexual utility within marriage or her virginal status before marriage. People are angry at a church culture that insidiously harbors these doctrines and preaches these messages—just without using the word “rape.” And people are righteously angry at denominational precedents of simply ignoring the abuses perpetrated by clergy. Sometimes these incidents go entirely unaddressed and sometimes the minister is merely shipped off to another unwitting congregation. So all of those precipitants have justifiably created anger and hostility throughout the denomination and beyond. Yes, beyond: this has reverberated not only through the Adventist community, but the wider Black community, the nationwide Christian community, and the secular community. This incident opened old wounds and reinjured some that were never healed in the first place. Those who see this as “one mistake” fail to comprehend the larger picture.

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I think the deeper issue is how Pastors are appointed to a church. As is the general practice the Conference makes suggestions and the local congregation is to accept one of their choices. In smaller churches the Conference often just appointors the Pastor with no voice given to the congregation.

A better plan would be for the congregation to advertise the position as open, with a description of the qualities the they desire. The church, not Conference, should take interviews from all who can quality.

A third way is for the congregation to hire a younger person who would take up the challenge with vigor. The Conference should give a probational period as an employee, then assist them to secure the necessary educational requirements.


I often comment on the phone that someone at customer service was practical and personable. Thank you to Courtney Ray for doing a great service to the customers of this website for such a personal and practical message, in that order. Relationship comes before law and that was well demonstrated. I feel graced.


I like them apples. They would make a nice pie.

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