The Meeting at the Eighth Street Church: How Whiteness Oozed into Adventist Culture

On the 20th of September 1902, Sabbath morning, the President of the Atlantic Union,[1] H. W. Cottrell, the President of the Chesapeake Conference, E. W. Farnsworth, and the second in command at the General Conference, W. A. Spicer, walked into the Church on Eighth Street, the only Seventh-day Adventist Church in Washington D.C. They arrived on a mission, commissioned by the President of the General Conference, Arthur G. Daniells. The trio bore a colossal task. Upon entering the church, they immediately encountered opposition from church members.[2] Although this meeting may be one of the most consequential in Adventist history, it lingers ignored or unnoticed by most Adventist historians and church members.

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Thanks for the ‘rest of the story’!! All history should be available and reexamined so that mistakes do not become unwavering truth.


Thanks very good example of history that is often suppressed. Without it we are doomed to continue the errors of the past and we will be blinded to the goal. Freedom, Equality and Justice


Glad to read this. More will be revealed when the books of good and evil are opened up yonder. Blessings

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I love the word “ooze” reminds me of the serpent in the Garden. When I read these articles it reminds me iof my sister who can still inform us of all the faults of her ex who she divorced 35 years ago

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References 24, 25 and 26 are missing from this document. Could you please repost it please. thanks


Here are the three missing footnotes;
24 Ciro Sepulveda. On the Margins of Empires; A History of Seventh-day Adventists. Huntsville, Alabama. Oakwood College Press. 207 163-166.
25 Douglas Morgan. Lewis C. Chief: Apostle to Black America. Hagerstown MD. Review and Herald Publishing Association. 2010 185-191.
26 Ibid. 208-225.


Thank you for writing and publishing this here! This is a story that is part of the larger story of humanity for sure. It also casts light on the terrible incident at Washington Sanitarium in the mid 1940’s that hastened the death of a faithful member of the Adventist church that should never have happened but now we see the segregation there was part of the official GC policy. there is a severe price for such evil.


Thank you, @ciro.

I do, hereby, rest my case.


What a sorry and disappointing piece of history! I’ve wondered how it happened…can healing ever occur this side of heaven?

Shocking and amazing story, an example of so called well intentioned persons of authority dictate over a local congregation, sort of like the catholic church and it’s war against ‘heretics’ . This reminds me of those in power who enact voter suppression laws while calling it ‘integrity’, or a state governor who overides local government ‘home rules’ because he is convinced that he must control others.

This shows another reason that Mrs. White was sent away to Australia. Daniels didn’t like her stand on segregation (not to segregate). Wasn’t aware that her boys deceived their mother. Not surprised. Ellen actually gave her tithe for awhile to help the ‘colored’ community. What good is a church that has “all the truth” if half of that truth is shaded in secrecy and deception and continues to be to this day?


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