The Missing Prophetic Gift

And Des Cummings was also embroiled in the Donald Davenport ponzi scheme in the late 70s. He funneled GCC funds into Davenport’s coffers in return for kick-backs. So many SDA officials, even GC President Robert Pierson, were “investing” in the ponzi scheme that the GC chose to leave it behind to be forgotten when it imploded. As for the ultimate CEO-guy, Neal Wilson, I remember a Review article in which he boasted of his great financial sacrifice in running the GC, knowing that he could have made millions elsewhere.


The missing prophetic gift is not missing. Where is it missing? The odour of God’s acceptance.

Jesus was called a false prophet by jealous church leadership, as he pointed out truths and their faults were exposed- one by one. Moses did signs and wonders for God in Egypt, then He did the sacrilegious act of hitting that Rick when he wasn’t to do it. He was punished. But, he repented. He’s in heaven right now as a result of his reverence for shod and his meekness. Saul, the anointed prophet and king, did great things for God and then went on a path of disobedience. His pride kept him from humbling himself in true repentance in the end. David, the anointed prophet and king, strayed for a moment from God’s will, lusted, stole, lied and had a man killed in cold blood. He humbly repented and was restored. God always has a messenger in every age. If you think that Ellen White was the only prophet in her time you need to look back in the annals of the churches history, because you are absolutely wrong. William Miller was a prophet and there were others. Did they make mistakes along the way- those of which they were ignorant and those of which they were not- yes.

God is still speaking through prophets who have dreams and visions. Without a vision the people perish Proverbs 29:18. Joel 2 speaks of Gods people having dreams and visions and hundreds of years later, it was still heralded and proven in the book of Acts, but also in the gospels and all of the way to John the Revelators “Revelation of Jesus Christ. I have met Ernie (and Becky)in person. God has moved my heart to colabor with them before this controversy. He gave me dreams showing that key points Ernie made are consistent with His word, with the exception of the error of discussion in the Candence storyline- which was like an anomaly and so much on the sideline in my mind when encountered. I just couldn’t figure this out because she did not travel with them when they went from state to state sharing the message…Also, before this controversy unfolded, Gid gave me a dark dream of trouble concerning Ernie. I prayed for him and then found the announcement from the Board if Directors… I personally contacted him and gave words of encouragement. He had been rejected by many and made embellishments so he could try to feel better, which we all know is him walking in flesh and not by faith. God has forgiven him, just as David was forgiven. Just as Peter was forgiven and restored to discipleship. So, before you “cast the first stone,” examine yourself. God is finishing His work on the Earth and needs the church, with prophetic zeal, to herald the last warning of the 3 angels messages. If you do this and are walking in Jesus’ light, you are a true prophet (messenger- like John the Baptist…) of God. By the way, Ernie, in his other discourses did not present new light. If we are supporting conferences that are placing funds in the stock market and sit on the sidelines and say nothing, We are in the wrong and are in deep trouble. This behaviir is underway by the GC and subsidiaries. It’s a known fact. One of our church founders, Ellen White, warns against this practice. The GC is not owning up to what the founders taught in this regard, and it’s a major problem. We better work out our own salvation in the fear of the Lord God and trembling in these last perilous days. Watch and Pray!!!