The Need for Mental Health Counselors in Adventist Schools

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My husband and I saw this very same thing happen in another area of the country. Defying common sense, logic, and hard cold facts, Adventist will hang on to a school with a death grip. It’s a sight to behold, really.

As my husband said, “It’s easier to open an Adventist school than it is to close one”.

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Years ago a good friend accepted a vice principal position at a large SDA boarding academy nearby. He asked me to be involved in formulating a policy that would lead students to counseling instead of being expelled. The committee met and formulated a viable policy. All I asked was the administration allow us to place the policy in effect for one year without expelling any student. First test case came along when a student returned to the dorm reportedly intoxicated. The principal coerced the vice principal to disclose the student’s name and my friend pushed back and refused. The principal through and his “cohorts” subsequently discovered who the student was and expelled him even before the sun could shine the next morning. I was not going the be part of a “gestapo” team so I quit. The program fell apart and my friend walked out of the job. Case closed.

You are right and I hope a new generation of administrators are now more open to helping children and adolescent find a better pathway to adulthood than being expelled from SDA schools.


The troubling suggestion of using “scientific tools” on the psyches of Adventist children betrays an unquestioning mindset towards psychotherapy that perhaps is not borne out by data on mental health interventions.

That’s without going into the definition of what constitutes science, to begin with.

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