The One Project Is Back!

A surprise invitation was sent out on October 17, 2018, announcing the renewal of The One Project, which had previously come to an end. Friends of The One Project are invited to gather on February 17-18, 2019 in Redlands, California for an event titled “Before All Things,” which is based on Colossians 1:15–20.

The invitation is signed by Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira, Tim Gillespie, Sam Leonor, Rodney Long, and Paddy McCoy.

Those interested in attending The One Project event can find out more information on their website here.

Alisa Williams is managing editor of

Image courtesy of The One Project.

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THIS IS BRILLIANT! Alex Bryan’s “95 Thesis” is a must read found here.

Who needs “divisions”. Find a hall and WORSHIP.


The antidote for what ails us!


Salvation is not found in being churched. Recall the thief on the Cross. He simply said — Remeber me when thou come into thy kingdom.That request indicated that the thief recognized Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah. The One Project claims to echo those words. Yet the name, the One Project seems to give some old timers pause as a gimmick. Obviously that is their problem. If I am correct, the term is meant to indicate that Christ, not the Church is the basis of one’s redemption. If so go to it.


This is “the Truth”. Some people/churches want to make salvation complicated, and muddy up the water with additions to the simple gospel and the indwelling of the HS.

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Tom –
YES! Relationship
Relationship is what these leader promote.
Relationship – not Works of ANY LAW.
Jesus said, If you LOVE Me, keep My commandments, and my commandments
give you REST to your Souls. A shared burden – “a shared yoke with him” and it
is “light”.

He DID NOT SAY, You have to keep a long list of Rules IF you want me to Love you.


Amen. Beautiful. It is not complicated. At all. Challenging, yes.

“Abide in Me.”

Thank you Sirge for this link. This statement from Alex Bryan for me is the reason why we need the One Project. Praise God they are back to glorify Christ to the place where He is everything to us on a very personal basis.

" My contention: Scripture has lost its primal punch. For Adventists, the Bible is no longer wild, but tamed; no longer mysterious, but controlled. The Bible, bigger than us, has largely been disintegrated and reaggregated in a list of propositions, which are smaller than us. God breathed the Bible; we breathed the ‘28.’ And herein lies ground ripe for our present moment." Alex Bryan.

God breathed the Bible and gave us Jesus.


It is very good that the ONE Ministry will continue. I wonder what happened, will we ever know the truth about his “closing then opening again?”

Well, what really matters is that apparently things have been worked out between the ONE guys and the Denomination guys. (Who I always felt had threatened the ONE staff, so they decided to quit).

Back is better. Go for it Project ONE!!!



What is the basic gripe of others about this ONE PROJECT?

Steve…ok fine

Relationship is subjective and ambiguous.
Love is subjective & ambiguous.

What do you think about these blanket statements…:??

It’s all about GOD
It’s all about Jesus
It’s all about GRACE
It’s all about LOVE
It’s all about a relationship

What’s it all about…ALFIE???

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Simply put: It focuses on Jesus Christ with creative presentations and group discussions called recalibrations after each presentation about Jesus.

Critics say the focus on Christ should be changed to:
The Three Angels’ Messages
The Unique End Time message
The IJ
In other words, NOT JESUS, because ALL Christian Churches include Him, but on areas of Adventism’s unique pillar doctrines.
Oh, and they don’t care for the beautiful music–original and creative as well–that focuses on Christ.

Christ, it appears, as a topic creates suspicion and does not rise to the level of intense study and focus in their eyes.


The only problem with the ONE project is that the idea was not conceived by the GC folks, it came from “mere” pastors. May jealousy be a factor?



I understand what you are getting at.

Is this substantiated and/or documented from some GC or upper echelon sources or just speculation from the anti- BIG SHOT SDA crowd?

I don’t think it’s jealousy. I think it’s fear.

Fear that people will step out of the control of the SDA church and it’s distinctive doctrines.

Fear that focusing on Scripture in context (if that’s part of One Project, I don’t know), will reveal the flaws in the doctrines.

Fear that EGW will be shown to not be biblical in a lot of what she writes, and without her, they lose half of their narrative.

I think they fear an unraveling, or a domino effect on the SDA church, if free thinking and true Bible study is allowed to happen.


Although I am not part of an “anti-bigshot SDA crowd,” I would direct you to the GC response to The One Project and their questions. You can find the article here at Spectrum where it was discussed. Their document is included in the Spectrum article.

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It is fear, indeed. And the biggest fear of the bureaucracy is that The One Project wants to change the Church…as if everything about the Church were okay as is.


Ed – I am not sure that the One Project wants to change the church.
But the One Project MESSAGE could change the CONTENT of our Evangelistic
What would happen if we Preached Jesus as the main focus of our Evangelism
instead of Beasts, Images, and Fear?

Whether The One Project wants to change the church or not, that is what the church fears. Trust me.


@gideonjrn, relationship with Christ is crucial. If you don’t have a relationship with Christ, what is your trust in Him based on?

  1. You can “know” someone by talking with your friends about them.
  2. You can “know” someone by talking to their friends about them.
  3. You can “know” someone by reading about them.
  4. You can “know” someone by going where they go, by doing the things they do.
  5. But you can only KNOW someone by talking with them. Talking with someone is the only way to have a relationship with them, and to truly know them.

Adventists spend a lot of time doing 1-4, and very little time doing the 5th. Points 1-4 are not wrong, we just have the balance out of wack.