“The Pastor You’ve Always Wanted … Without the Church”

Kumar Dixit is pioneering a new concept in pastoral ministry: The Concierge Minister. He wants to reach people on the margins of institutional religion and minister to them directly as their pastor on-call.

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I love this idea. It brings back the lay minister, who are the ones that will finish this work. He also embodies what I believe ministry should look like. Pastor Dixit is doing what I am trying to do with Women’s ministry. You are forced to separate your work from the church to make something happen in a timely manner and without prejudices. This idea is more inclusive. I would love to collaborate with Dr. Dixit. You have to be ordained by God to do ministry the way this pastor does it. Much love and kudos sir.

Glad to see you still experimenting, Kumar.

Your (suitably chastened, as we all must hope) self-assurance was a godsend when, during my time as president of (now) Washington Adventist University, you stepped up during an emergency. At the last minute (I think during fall registration week) we lost the new campus chaplain we were expecting to arrive, and from your perch as an elected student leader you became our chaplain.

I always knew I could trust you to get done what had to get done.



This! Finally someone with either the courage or insight to acknowledge that this is a reality.

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