The Pearl, the Cello, the Iceberg

“There is nothing in this world or the next, absolutely nothing, which cannot, and will not, be turned into the valid currency we need to buy the one pearl of great price.[1]

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My dad didn’t play the cello or write a book, or buy a “pearl of great price”. He was just kid who grew to adulthood in the first quarter of the twentieth century - in no-place country on the Baltic Sea - with six grades of education, but a spirit ready for action. At seventeen he and his older brother hopped a boat and sailed to the Mediterranean. Another war was on the horizon when he returned home, and his brother sailed across the ocean to “the promised land”- Amerika. He was on his own.

What would have been his dreams at that point in his life… Fast forward to September 1944. The war had come, and was about to end, and he found himself with a wife and two year-old, and his life a blank sheet upon which he must write. That moment told him he must step into that leaky fishing boat and go. What was left to hope for… just to stay alive.

Not many of us have experience that kind of loss and courage to move forward into the fog on the horizon. Even the thousands heading to the southern border are wearing designer shirts gifted to them along the way, and designer. shoes, backpacks and even a cell phone perhaps. They want a better life. My dad just wanted to live - he would make it work no matter where or when, or how. And he did.

Life itself gives us a focus, whether it’s alone, sitting at a window unable to see loved ones; or standing in an empty business we worked day and night to develop, but unable to use. God has given us each a life to live. It’s up to us to fill it to the best of our ability and survive.


So right, Sirje, that “God has given us each a life to live. It’s up to us to fill it to the best of our ability and survive.”

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