The Price of Tokens

Theranos was supposed to be the next big thing in biotech. The company lured investors with the promise that the company’s unique tech would revolutionize the industry of blood testing. Instead, it was all just smoke and mirrors. Its founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes is now on trial for fraud. And unfortunately, she’s not the only one on trial.

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We’ll, yes she does. If you are a pioneer, you will face such things, and telling us that it is not fair might just show you are not ready.

I just read that something like 75% of college degrees are given to women, and perhaps 65% of PhD’s are. Men are failing. Women complain they just can’t find “a good man” any more. The culture promotes women, and gays at the expense of heterosexual men. Look around.

So, though we can argue about those trends, and how to correct them, to be sort of solf righteous about WO, really doesn’t seem anymore then a type of virtue signaling to me. There are huge problems in our culture are so much bigger than women being ordained rather than just commissioned.

Really? Allen. I know a lot of people, the ones who don’t bother to look at my full name, which is Lynden Williams, think I am a woman, I am not. They just see Lindy and assume I am female. Charles Limburg would be horrified. The only reason I point that out is that I don’t want you to think it is just a woman defending another woman. But I think your whole premise of “poor men, who hare being overtaken by women and gays” is absolutely absurd. It is, in my opinion, laughable. I would suppose that you also believe that the "glass ceiling has been shattered as well. I am a white male, and I know full well that I have been given a leg up in this society simply by being born.

You missed the point of the piece. Women shouldn’t be given advantages because of being a woman, but they shouldn’t have to perform at levels higher than their male counterparts to be considered either. In other words, just be fair in assessing their abilities without applying sexist, or in your response, homophobic stereotypes to people, regardless of what it is they are endeavoring to accomplish. Make it an even playing field.


I have a cousin, a woman called Lindy Williams. Sorry fo the assumption.

As far as the other, your advantage as a male has faded. When I went to Med School at Loma Linda in the 70s we had 8 female students. Now the class is more than 50% female. Same in some other professions. The trades remain predominantly male. I had my Gall Bladder removed a couple weeks ago. Female surgeon, recommended by a nurse (which remain predominantly female) I respect.

So, yes, you may still have a slight advantage, but it is fading fast. Finding good male help is not easy.

Perhaps some entrepreneurs could give us a clue.

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You should view the interview of Jordan Peterson with Channel 4 News, Sorry I don’t know how to make a link. But it addresses this issue.

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