The Problem With Humility

If you’re a Jeopardy! fan or tapped into American pop culture, you know that the beloved game show host, Alex Trebek, passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2020. He was Canadian, but he was a fixture on US television for decades. Although he had stints on several shows before Jeopardy!, and even though he was not the game’s first host, due to his 36 year tenure, Alex was inextricably linked with the show to the point where people rarely thought about one without thinking of the other. His death was a blow to many.

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Two thumbs up for an excellent article!!

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Some Christians take Matt. 20:16, which says the last shall be first and the first shall be last, too literally. They keep their church buildings small and plain looking, the music in their services slow and quiet, and their sermons tend to be repeats of what was preached 100 years ago. Then they wonder why they aren’t winning many, if any, converts, or bringing people to the Lord, forgetting how spectacular Solomon’s Temple was.

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This was a great article…so well constructed. And it makes me laugh to remember years ago when church members where I attended were asked to identify their spiritual gifts. I responded by indicating I was gifted with the ability to prepare and deliver a good sermon, and would be happy to ‘spell’ the pastor when he was out of town. You can guess already how many times I was invited to do that!


Who knew!! Linda Nottingham a preacher! You go, do it!!

You must have been absent at chapel during my prize winning Temperance speech!

Most likely correct!!

Well written and well said. Many capable individuals have been passed over (sometimes in pretense of doing so by mistake to cover the truth) and until the church we belong to becomes more transparent and shows Christ in action, more will fade away to churches that they find show what our Church has preached but not followed through in action.

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Good article! Let’s normalize such inclusive consciousness, and weighing candidates for positions by ability and character to such a degree, that hand raising won’t be needed.

Just a point of reference… Jeopardy has included Bill Whitaker, an African American, Katie Couric, a woman, and Anderson Cooper, a gay man, in their guest host roster. Notwithstanding what happened with Burton, I think their is a culture of inclusiveness regarding that show.



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