The Promises of God

As a child, my daughter Michelle loved Enid Blyton’s series The Secret Seven and The Famous Five. One bedtime as I read to her, we came within a few chapters of the end of the book. She begged me to read on, but I insisted that it was time for her to be tucked in and to go to sleep. “Promise me you’ll read the rest of the chapters tomorrow night,” she pleaded. “I promise,” I said with a smile. Next evening there was a faculty meeting that was prolonged and went on until dark. Michelle was sound asleep when I got home. Next morning as I was eating my breakfast a very irate child confronted me: “You didn’t keep your promise; you lied,” she blurted out.

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Nicely done and so helpful! It would be good if every SS teacher read this and incorporated its profundity into the class discussion!!

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