The Quest for Rest: The Radical Nature of Sabbath

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles was (and continues to be) disparaged by many for her choice to bow out of the games after developing a dangerous case of what gymnasts call "the twisties." I'm thankful for her courage in modeling resistance to our culture of overwork and exploitation. As usual, she is proving to be a champion of champions—this time for resting rather than performing.

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The author of the book is making two moral points. …take no more than they need for each day… on the sixth day, to gather enough for two days.

Moral? Just do it. Make more than you need, it spoils. Sometimes.


Make more than you need, it keeps. Sometimes. (Sabbaths).

God promises quail, they come. Sometimes. (Only at first.)

Were these stories written/redacted by humans? Sometimes, I guess.

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