The Record Keeper Goes to London

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The Record Keeper (initially sponsored by the General Conference but then cancelled) has been chosen as one of the films in the 2014 Raindance Film Festival in central London. It will be shown in Picadilly Circus this Friday night, September 26, and director Jason Satterlund will be there to answer questions afterward. Raindance has been showing films for 22 years, and this year will be screening 250 feature length and short films.

The description of The Record Keeper in the film festival program reads:

Part biblical interpretation, part cosmic steampunk fantasy, ‘The Record Keeper’ follows the story of Angels Cadan (the dutiful servant) and Larus (fallen, trying to reconcile his beliefs with God). Their friendship at stake, they recount the struggles they face to Raina, Heaven’s very own civil servant. Studious in her record keeping, she diligently records events while trying to stay detached from the destruction that unfolds around her.

Split into 11 parts, each detailing a particular dimension of the ensuing conflict, the mini stories merge seamlessly into each other, introducing some very memorable, interesting characters along the way. The steampunk aesthetics work well, with the supped-up Dickensian chic complimenting the otherworldly environment (amidst the technological leap incorporating what looks like teleportation, the civil service still use a gramophone to peer into, and amplify, the destruction of life). As soon as you see the look, you immediately say to yourself “Yes, I couldn’t have pictured Heaven’s municipal building better myself”.

Church enthusiasts and theologians may squirm, but the story is both compelling and an enlightening version of an age-old phenomena.

Find Spectrum's previous coverage of The Record Keeper here.

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(jeremy) #2

this is good news for the record keeper…if a buyer or producer sees value in the film, perhaps it can be adapted to a more general audience…

i think this is the way this film should be aired - it doesn’t need endorsement from our church…


Hello Jeremy,

Have you watched “The Record Keeper”? If you have not, you can see at this YouTube account:

Personally, I believe it would be a good idea for the church to distance itself from it (if they wish to allow it to be released, thats up to them). I’ve no idea why people think its cool or something to push the boundaries, like your more open minded or something; that’s what they did with “The Record Keeper”, they pushed the boundaries with certain things. Why make the Holy Spirit a female? Allow the Holy Spirit to define Himself as He wishes. Also, when the angles prayed (forget which episode, towards the end), they put their hands on the rocks/earth so as to hear God. Theres no need for this. Of course people in the church will say its Pantheistic.

And to be honest, I had this weird feeling, of feeling sorry (to a certain extent) for the fallen angles. Now why on earth would anything being lead by God (apparently they, the makers of the film, did seek council from Him), allow the viewer to feel any sympathy for demons? It doesn’t make sense.

(Steve Mga) #4

I dont think there is anything “wrong” with having a sense of sadness for the fallen angels. They are God’s created beings just like us. At one time, in the distant past, they loved God. God loved them, and He probably still does even though now they are at odds with God and want to bring emotional harm to God.

Executing former friends that He created will not be a pleasant experience for God. He will miss them forever. We cant understand that, the thought is too huge for us. WHO will wipe away God’s tears???

(jeremy) #5

tony, i watched all eleven episodes of the record keeper - and even wrote tiny “reviews” for each one - when it was available through advindicate a while back…my own feeling is that the film shouldn’t be officially endorsed by our general conference because of the doctrinal problems outlined by bri, but that our general conference shouldn’t stand in the way of it being shown…this appears to be the general conference position playing out now…like the movie, noah, which also comes with doctrinal problems, and which i saw during a recent flight, the record keeper is original, interesting, and packs a lot of emotional content, which can be a first step for many on the road to conviction and, ultimately, obedience…

we must remember that doctrinal problems aren’t an issue with people who have no doctrines - these will likely not even register in the secular mind…ultimately, no-one is going to change their life unless their heart is reached, and the record keeper does reach the heart, in a sensitive way…i think the raindance festival is the perfect venue for this film…if a secular sponsor can be found, this will be the way to go with the film…then, if it is shown to an adventist audience, there won’t be the feeling that it’s a bit off in telling our story in places, which means attention can be focused on the good things in the film…

the more i involve myself in the adventist blogisphere, the more i’m convinced that adventists must be the most difficult group of people to lead on earth…issues with the record keeper, but also in other areas, show that opinion truly is all over the map…even the validity and legitimacy of our inspired blueprint is not agreed upon…i think what is needed is a comprehensive understanding of what that inspired blue print really is saying, and a determination to follow it no matter what…i also think genuine political talent is required…this is what i see happening with our general conference under ted wilson…i really hope he is re-elected in san antonio, and that he can be persuaded to accept a second term…i’m thinking our church really will scatter into smithereens without strong leadership…

(Kevin Seidel) #6

After watching the series, it is clear to me that they were intended as an introduction to various Bible topics. As such they were concerned with raising the questions and not with giving prepared answers. Many people are uncomfortable with questions, but it is a good place to start in reaching out to post modern people. Of course this put much more work on the discussion leader to dialog with people rather than just lecturing them. It is clearly not a one size fits all out reach program.


Hmm, interesting point Steve. Its hard when you see things in two dimensions. And right now, where seeing much of this controversy in two dimensions.


I would like to see him re-elected too. The pressure of trying to please everyone must be a huge burden though. I recently downloaded from ASI the three angles panel discussion and uploaded it on my YouTube account. I think its still the only one on YT. While watching it, a question was asked, what is the mark of the beast, Ted Wilson was in turn to answer this question, and I thought, oh wow, this is going to be good, hows he going to answer it? He pretty much said, the mark of the beast is any day that isn’t the Sabbath. Which is kind of true, but not really. It is the mark of the first beast which comes out of the sea, we all know what its mark is. I’m sure though, due to political correctness and pressure in today’s society not to offend, Elder Wilson answered it best he could.

And I thought, great, this is going to receive some really nice comments (I allowed people to comment on this video), theres only been a few comments, and all are about what Ted said, or what he should of said and didnt say. Jeremy, You couldnt pay me enough to be a leader in this church hehe.

(George Tichy) #9

Both, you and Jeremy, will be very surprised when the name the new GC Prez is announced in SA.

(jeremy) #10

IF that happens, i won’t be surprised…you’ve been saying you’re going to win in san antonio for months now…

i’m sure ted isn’t getting paid enough…but i think his answer to the question you cite is prudent…for a man in his position to say any more could produce premature difficulties for our church…


I’m still working on it, but if I’m not able to get the Popes Mitre, George, I’ll get you the next best thing.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #12

the issue is not trying to,please everybody. The issue is trying to get everyone to march to his drum. There is a wideness in God!s mercy. Tom Z

(Tim Page) #13

I watched the films online and shared it with some of the other staff at the SDA school I work at. There has been general consensus that this film would be a great tool to get students discussing the great controversy. It is engaging and presents lots of question so that even a half competent teacher ( and we only have competent teachers at our school) should be able to get a conversation going that directs students back to the bible to ask ‘what really happened’ and ‘how can I know what really happened’. Our goals as Christian educators, should be first to first present the gospel and second to teach our students how to think for themselves. This film provides an opportunity for both.

(George Tichy) #14

If the teachers at your school are honestly committed to “teaching the students how to think for themselves” you should keep it a secret. If it gets to the GC’s ears, you all will be asked to resign.
And if you encourage them to ask questions, man… you all will be on the list for the next “stoning of the infidels”…


(Elmer Cupino) #15

"Our goals as Christian educators, should be first to first present the gospel and second to teach our students how to think for themselves."

How noble!

Is this particular “SDA school” you work for under the auspices of the GC? It is encouraging to know that there is a cadre of students in our sda educational pipeline that is being taught to “think for themselves,” at a time when our GC president is asking some of our sda educators to resign for “thinking for themselves” and with nobody from our organized church having any “spine” to publish an alternative position.

I would suggest you keep the address of this school to yourself. We will be praying for you and your school’s success.


cc: @GeorgeTichy

(George Tichy) #16

They should for sure keep the name of the school an “UnrevealedSecret.” Otherwise there could be some “grave consequences” if the KGC finds out about this"amazing fact." How do they dare to encourage students to think by themselves?

Elmer, I can’t even believe that these facts we are dealing with are real. Nothing here is hypothetical, it is all actually happening. The discrimination, the bias, the control, the manipulation, the maneuver (don’t spell this one wrongly…!) - yes, it’s all happening in a RELIGIOUS institution! This is really an…“amazing fact”…

cc @TimP

(Elmer Cupino) #17

"Nothing here is hypothetical, it is all actually happening. The discrimination, the bias, the control, the manipulation, the maneuver (don’t spell this one wrongly…!) - yes, it’s all happening in a RELIGIOUS institution!"

This is the cancer of our church that has to be cut off and discarded. If it were just localized within a splinter group, it would be expected but it has infiltrated the higher echelons of the GC. And if it were allowed further to simmer and grow, it can only “kill” our beloved church.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #18

Seems the Record Keeper is an attempt to bring Ezekiel up to date with a touch of the Apocalyptic, but it takes a turn for fiction that is beyond the pale of the G.C.
Given the trend of the cinema these days! it is quite mild stuff. Nothing can beat the psalms, the gospels,the writings of Paul, and the letter to the Hebrews. I can still hear the echo of morning worship as dad or mom would read a Psalm. then off to school filled with courage, hope, Faith, and love. The was the pre-nuclear family. I still prefer the real thing… the Beauty of the King James and the clarity of the New English Bible. Tom Z