The Second Angel’s Message: Part 2

I don’t see any reason to wait that long.

Particularly given the possibility that nothing happens after a person dies.

I love my creator right now.

And despite the awful press given in the Bible.

Great! Glad to hear it.

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My personal belief is that organized religion of most kinds are pretty corrupt, but that “religion” (i.e. stuff relating to churches) isn’t at all what those angels flying around in Revelation had in mind. The Babylon which has always afflicted every part of civilization is political powers in bed with economic powers. Sometimes those ARE or INCLUDE religious powers, but most generally not. The people with the Big Money and the people with the Political Power are the Babylon which everybody needs to stop worshipping because they have nothing to do with the principles of God’s kingdom - never have, never will ( and I see this in Revelation 18). Religion is just a cover story; they don’t care who you worship or on what day of the week, as long as the money and political support keep rolling in.

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