The State of the Pacific Union

The election of Sandra E. Roberts as executive secretary by the delegates at the 31st Quinquennial Constituency Session of the Pacific Union Conference makes her the first ordained woman to hold this position in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.* On August 16, she received 57 "no" votes and 275 "yes" votes to join newly elected President Bradford C. Newton, Treasurer Stephen V. Mayer, and Vice President Leon B. Brown, Sr., along with the newly renamed vice presidents for Specialized Ministries and Education. They are, as North American Division President G. Alexander Bryant said, "the most diverse group of officers in the history of the Pacific Union."

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Thanks for the detailed report, Alex. It will be interesting and exciting to see the future unfold with these new servants in place. I’m not sure that the following comment belongs within the text/body of a journalistic report:

…though I appreciate the opinion thus expressed.

Glad to see that provincial concepts of Adventist proselytism were largely not mentioned. Diversity is a valued prerequisite for success, and the church cannot abandon backwards eschatology soon enough. Not even sure what the baptism rates are. Now it is time for the church to expand leadership to LGBTQI individuals because WO has taken decades and it’s time to push for all equality. Social justice without sexual reform is pointless.

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How relevant is the election of a new set of the same number of PUC officers insofar as members of my local congregation are concerned?

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That’s pretty abysmal by any measure. Oh well, they’ll fail by attrition. Truthfully, most churches talk about how they want more people, but when the people get there they don’t know what to do with them. I knew it was a sad state of affairs, but wow. What did Ricardo Graham do for all those years? Keep it from completely disappearing?

To my knowledge, walk-in worship attenders are few and far between. Most newcomers I know have either been invited by friends and family or came to listen to the preacher who they will be hearing for the first, or perhaps a second time. Anyways, let’s agree that growth or decline happens at the congregational level.
The Leadership Network
The Real Story of People Who Attend America’s Megachurches
by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird
p 15

The churches I’ve attended, previously at SCC and presently in the SECC, include members who are generally friendly. If, as you claim, they haven’t learned how to welcome and integrate newcomers, where do you think lies the solution? Increase office space either at the Pacific Union Conference or the NAD?

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this is doubtful…the bible is clearly against LGBT, whereas it isn’t against WO…the church can only go where the bible leads…

The Bible doesn’t authorize anyone to be denominational leaders, does it? Or denominations?

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