The Struggle Continues

Through a quirk of fate, every year I am responsible for the essay that will arrive on this site, on Thanksgiving. For much of my Spectrum writing “career” I used this space, on this day, to take a break from the advocacy of any particular political or theological position and express a message of thankfulness. I did away with that tradition recently as events in the church and the world led me to want to use this opportunity for us to think differently about thankfulness and what that means. But I’ve struggled to write this year’s piece because I find it increasingly difficult to find, on a large scale, what I can be thankful for. There is so much bad news regarding so many of the things and causes I care about.

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This is because “real Christians” if such a thing exists, and I’m inclined to believe that occasionally one dear sister or dear brother does happen along, if rarely, aren’t standing up and shouting from the rooftops, and backing up their message with any meaningful action or dialog or position in any effective way whatsoever.

For decades now the go-to response has been “The secular, elite media is lying about us.” I call BS on that tripe. If Christians were actually being Christians EVERYBODY would know it.


First, I love the arm wrestling shot. Just who is that buff in the foreground, Liberal Adventists or Conservatives? From Jason’s whining, it must be the conservative folk. But liberals control the colleges, and the Review and Ministry are not that conserviative.

Second, I could say much about Jason’s positions that are not true, but the one quoted above is worth exploring.

A. Christianity is often conflated with conservative Evangelicalism

This is only so because liberal Christianity has almost vanished. The Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Brethren etc. have hemorrhaged so many members they are indistinguishable from background noise. Besides, they just take the Democratic positions, and are only quoted when there is a counter to conservative Christianity needed. .

B. It saddens me that this political influence has been used to try and create a Christian society through the force of law,

Where has this happened? Conservative Christinas have little power. How can you say conservatives are winning when cross dressers are having story time in libraries? And the conservatives on the Supreme Court had protests outside their homes without any attempt to enforce the laws against such portests? Liberals control most of the media, the universities, the corporations, and half the politicians. Where is this Christian Nation idea gong to take hold?

C, This movement was born out of a desire to continue living by racist policies.

This is just plain baloney. Republicans supported the freeing slaves, while Democrats became the party of segregation, JIm Crow and voter suppression. The Democrats ruled the south for about 100 years and were the ones who passed all those bad laws, and did most of the lynching.

Now the Republicans are running a black man for Senator in Georgia’s, and a black man is a conservative on the Supreme Court. Racism?

Jason, you believe your own rhetoric to much. Get out of your bubble.

No real christianity here at all. Nothing but Crickets.