The Table, the Garden, and the Storm: The J. N. Andrews Honors Program and the Future of Higher Education

This article appears in the most recent issue of the Spectrum journal (Volume 51, issue 2). It contains photos that adds to the reading experience. Click here to view the images.

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I enjoyed reading this essay, because it elegantly describes what a special and consecrated institution of higher learning Andrews University is. Whenever I take a stroll on campus, I sense that I am walking on sacred, hallowed ground. The fragrant air floating about contains the remnants of the great men and women who have walked those same pathways. I feel so lucky to have studied there.

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Thank-you Melodie for such an eloquent portrayal of the honors program and it’s people. I enjoyed reading about friends and colleagues and recalling how they have blessed my life.

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I originally read this essay in the print journal. It was a fabulous read and I enjoyed the immersive storytelling here. :hugs:

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