The Texico Conference and Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Respond to Mass Shootings In Their Territory.

see what i mean…SCOTUS has invented law that isn’t in the constitution…

to clean up the mess you’re in now, what you need is a 28th amendment clarifying that the 2nd amendment doesn’t confer the individual right to bear arms, given that the need for militias no longer exist…i’m not holding my breath…

i think the more likely route is for a dem trifecta in the house, the senate and the white house, followed by a ban and recall on assault rifles, expanded background checks, and mandatory red flag laws…of course this will be immediately challenged all the way up to SCOTUS, but something tells me that challengers will lose on this one…that is, even though i think brett kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault while experiencing blackout as a kid, from what i’m seeing, he’s careful to rule in terms of the language of the constitution where it applies…and assuming ginsburg, breyer, sotomayor, kagan and possibly roberts join him, which i think is likely, the common understanding of the 2nd amendment will dissolve far quicker than roe v. wade…this is because the actual language of the 2nd amendment is clearly at odds with the common understanding of it…

Thank you Jeremy for your infinite wisdom of the US constitution. And, that was even before your “molestor Kavanaugh” was on the court!
Alternate universe!

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look, i’ll still be in fort lauderdale soon, ok…nothing’s better than 100 degree weather on a white sandy beach…:wink:

One think that the nationalists will always try is to persuade others that they don’t know what nationalism is. All nothing but an attempt to distract from the evil of nationalism.

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I would like to commend these two conferences of the SDA church, up to this point, for not letting politics become involved in these local tragedies.

The over reaction to my simple comment to Phil can be explained. Fashionable Today in academia and among religionist like Jim Wallis today is the term “white privilege.”
“White priviledge” is the European and American development of a “system” supposedly just for white advantage irrespective of all aspects of responsible government it may have created.
So now, a mentality such as George has stated above deduces that “Nationalism” is evil and wrong.
The new “language police” will not allow us to use and explain a terminology other than theirs. “We” are not allowed to explain and state there IS a difference between “Ethnic” and “Civic” Nationalism. America is NOT apartheid South Africa! " Ethnic White supremacist/nationalist in statistically small numbers do indeed exist likely everywhere.
These “language police” are part of the reason it can not be stated that we can have “closed borders” rather than “open borders.” To do so immediately creates the wrath and charge of a “supposedly ethnic white nationalism.” Neither can we say “illegal immigrant” for those who have entered this country illegally. For after all there really should be open borders.
Likewise to be a “civic Nationalist” rather than “Globalist” is also considered to be evil by some.
We simply are not by the “language police” allowed to create other terms and descriptions that go against their’s.
To do so in some environments is also opening oneself to be accused of being “unchristian.” After all Gal.3 doesn’t allow national borders! :slight_smile: I am simply unwilling to accept this and that is why I am being persistent on this topic that has become divisive and malignant in certain circles!
I suggest the SDA church should consider these things before bowing to the language police and political pressures! Perhaps the above Conferences used that foresight, until at least now.



A toxic political apartheid, one which uses shame, coercion, force, to enforce it’s self-appointed “thought police”, justifying its own hate to a terrifying degree, even “in church”, pushing a one-party permanent government finally free to rule at its whim.

I cannot imagine a more inimical representation of the character of heavens governor, or governance, but perhaps this is the only way (uttered tongue-cheekishly) in which selfishness, envy, hate, evil will consume itself (or, to satisfy the non-free-will mindset, goad god into action, finally).

“:Now go “Hunt” and be perfect little borg, all kollective komrades, campfire mantra chanting, parroting what we tell you to, shunning those we choose, vilifying and denigrating nonbelievers” said my God not ever.

I cringe when I consider what i see as consequences for this hard-left closure of the right lane. A robust relationship between the aisles has thus far been this nations centering force, but when i consider how the left and right now seem almost in perfect goosemarch lockstep in their haste for power at any expense, shedding any semblance of conscience for “we the people”.

If we the people grant them (either side, because they both are poseurs at will) any more power over us, there will be no recourse for the idea of America whatsover. However-that well may be the divine intent-in ant event, not only interesting times, but terrifying. Hypothetically, if someone from inside the ranks of the church, say Bonhoffer2, were to succeed in terminating “Hitler2.0”, would it even be a crime anymore, with the self-justifying hate so prevalent and obvious here? Or would we bow deep in deference and drown in laudanum?

Dont know that I would word some things as you have. I appreciate being able to converse with you as a sounding board in a quiet desert. Who dare question?
But to me the new left young Turks are justified in their minds doing anything they choose in speech or action. And it’s from hearing from the hate that can be found and fostered in some quarters of academia and people such as Wallis. Their words are truth to them and explains them calling Trump a racist, xenophobe and Hitler type person. This is today’s new far left toxic political hate environment’s foundations!
This was the academia foundation of Hillary Clinton’s deplorarables and unredeemables! This may have entered a segment of adventism. All one has to do to allow evil is to be quiet. I will not! Bonhoeffer would detest these new foundations of totalitarian type desires and methods coming from the accusers!
At its core, It is a neo-marxist class struggle of race, women and workers being presented.( this is not denying problems exist) Its hope found in socio-political-economic-spiritual syncretism to deconstruct the present order.

Jimmy Carter otoh, who fits all the “moral restrictions” being imposed on Trump is unarguably the worst president ever. Look whta they did to HIM!

The left does not want a morally perfect “inevitable candidate”-they want a Republican candidate to oppose, as the’ve discovered its politically more expedient to poke at the imagined-or real- beam in the others eye than to admit (let alone attempt correct) even a hint of a scintilla of their own corruption, malfeasance, prevarication, etc etc.

I submit the same selfish mindset besots the right equally-but the principles that supposedly differentiate betwixt the two imo makes one far less palatable. Crying a duly elected president is “unfit” on the grounds proven false, rather than presenting a standup foil with spine to contrast what they decry in trump, they’d rather get in the mud. That, to me, speaks far more. The left has usurped democracy, weaponized its arms, all the while making finely crafted fables that it was a non-politico who cam in and outfoxed them with his mastery of their almost too cunning craft.

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Timo, you need to calm down and to go drink a cold glass of root beer! Your arguments and suppositions are inaccurate based on the political reality we are in. No one is under any obligation-on the left or right- to prove you wrong. The modus operandi you are using comes from the Trump playbook of lies and spreading false conspiracies and distractions.
Trump’s retweet of false Epstein assasination accusations against the Clintons is the most recent example. Your hero Trump is a stranger to truth.
Make that a root beer float!


This is the basic modus operandi of Trump and his minions:

  1. Choose a target (Hillary and Obama being the most popular).
  2. Come up with a lie or conspiracy theory.
  3. Keep repeating the lie until it becomes a powerful distraction.
  4. After a few days come up with another lie and repeat the process.

After 12K+ lies there must be a goods bunch of unwary people deceived and engaging in cheap pro-Trump propaganda.

Sam, nice try shaming, but, uh, not my hero.
Did you not read my post? Quoting myself…
" I submit the same selfish mindset besots the right equally-but the principles that supposedly differentiate betwixt the two imo makes one far less palatable. "

I just happen to believe that voting for a party that rewards folks who work for a living works out better than voting for a party that panders to folk who merely vote for a living. That does not suggest i do not agree with a safety net, but i believe empowering ennobles, but enabling oppresses.

Thanks for the invite @sam , Sorry, not root beer float, but that just baked cherry pie with two yuuuge scoops vanilla bean did the trick. In similar vein, i suggest you perhaps lay off the kool aid a bit?

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