The Theater of Grace

My wife, Carmen, and I just returned from three weeks in Italy—our first visit to that absorbingly beautiful country. There are many reasons to visit Italy, but a Christian can’t help but enjoy it as one of the formative sites in the development of Western Christianity.

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This is one of my favorite books - the movie starring Sean Connery is okay but a vast oversimplification.

All SdA should read it, along with “A Gathering Of Saints” that tells a true and equally insightful incident from the Later Day Saints.

In business these days, a buzz word is “transparency”,

My generation - born circa 1955 - and all those following in the West have no trust at all of politicians, business leaders, and church leaders.

All our lives those groups have consistently lied to us - and been caught at the lies because they have lost control of the media. The internet has changed everything.

The business leaders have really caught on, The politicians are catching on, The religious leaders are still believing their own lies.

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Does anyone question whether Adventists or Protestants will be around 2,000 years from now? If so, like Catholicism, it have no resemblance to its humble origins.

Perhaps the Catholic church has survived because it had adapted in the various regions of the world and not coerced uniformity it all its practices. It appeals to those who do not speak the native languages, necessarily, as it speaks to all who worship in their own heart, not in doctrinal statements requiring affirmation. Its doors are nearly always opened to those who wish to enter and quietly meditate or pray.

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