The theft of the future -- the relationship between the market and religion and today's social movements

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By Alexander Carpenter

This is about an hour long which will take a commitment to watch, but it will be well-worth your time if you wonder what is going on with capitalism, faith and social change in the world these days.

The New Great Transformation with Paul Hawken

Video from the Long Now Foundation - San Francisco, CAThe title of Paul Hawken's talk, "The New Great Transformation," has two referents. Economist Karl Polanyi’s 1944 book, THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION, said that the "market society" and modern nation state emerged together in Europe after 1700 and divided society in ways that have yet to be healed.Karen Armstrong's 2006 book, THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION, explores "the Axial Age" between 800 and 200 BC when the world's great religions and philosophies first took shape. They were all initially social movements, she says, acting on revulsion against the violence and injustice of their times.Both books describe conditions in which "the future is stolen and sold to the present," said Hawken - a situation we are having to deal with yet again

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Having read most of Armstrong’s The Great Transformation is a marvelous history of the first recorded history of world religions and should be read by everyone interested in human concepts of God. All believed in the concept of the Golden Rule and living in harmony with neighbors. Religion was largely offering sacrifices and no recorded beliefs; a concept not introduced until much later. Even Judaism was all about proper sacrifices, prohibitions and necessary festival days, but no beliefs even in the Decalogue and all the 613 laws.

Creeds came in later in the early Christian church, first adopted in Nicea in 325.