The Three Traits that Power Adventist Culture

On the 7th of March 1858, Sister I walked out of her unfinished one-room dwelling in Michigan and rushed to the village of Battle Creek. Her husband, who lay sick with consumption, nursed by their children, waited for her return. Distressed and worried, she darted the first three miles on foot, then rode the next seven miles in the back of a neighbor’s horse-drawn hack. The family had run out of food the day before, triggering her journey. Hopeful of help from her oldest daughter, who worked as a domestic in Battle Creek, Sister I rode engulfed in grief. In Battle Creek, she knocked on the front door of Ellen G. White’s home.[i]

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Oh I can’t wait to hear the definition of Woke Adventism! I am sure whatever it is it would come as a surprise to those in the 1800s just as much it is to me today. Though apparently, some think revisionist history is really history

It kind of makes you wonder what the difference between Adventism and Woke Adventism is too!

Thank you for this thought provoking piece. Two chapters into your book, *A Path Out," I am hooked. This work is a helpful addition to understanding early Adventism. Thank you for writing for Spectrum.


A fourth, and more elemental Adventist trait: arrogance.

You won’t find this in the SAD-ist Statement of Beliefs, but it’s impossible to disprove the non-Adventist assertion what this is what the “a” in SDA actually stands for,:rofl:

After all, “Happy Sevens” have the eternally benefit—but most judgmental—prototypical “church lady” EGW to back their egotistical virtue signaling.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have to agree. As a new 24 yr old convert, I saw that as well. Everything was about them, and all others were inferior in one way another. If Sevies could see their world through a newcomers eyes, it might help them get over themselves and realize that they aren’t as great as they think they are. I met some wonderful people, but even so that attitude was usually still there to different degrees. But I guess when you are raised in such a cloistered world, and only you have “the truth” (about everything :wink:), it’s almost unavoidable.

This article is just more of the SDA “toot-tooting”, that is ever present.


I know, right???

What happened to not letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing?!?!:rofl:


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