The Top Five Reasons Jesus Was A Charismatic

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The Top Five Reasons Jesus Was A Charismatic

  1. He taught his followers that they would get whatever they prayed for if they had faith (Matt 21:22).
  2. He did faith healing (Mark 10:52).
  3. He spent all night in prayer (Luke 6:12).
  4. He was full of the Spirit and led by the Spirit (Luke 4:1).
  5. He could heal people with his clothes (Luke 8:44).

Sorry, my Pentecostal friends; Jesus never spoke in tongues. But Charismatic--why not?

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David Hamstra is a Divinity student at Andrews University. He has a BA from Canadian University College and was a pastor in Grande Prairie, Alberta for nearly four years. He blogs at apokalupto. ____ This continues our series, Five Reasons Jesus. . . . To see them all, click here. -AC

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