The Top Ten Christmas Gifts to Buy for the Adventist on Your List

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Christmas is just a week away, and with the holidays sometimes comes the stress of finding the perfect gift for those on your list. We've compiled our list of the top ten gifts to get the Adventist on your Christmas list.

From clothing to jewelry, from books to music, coffee mugs to calendars, you'll find a great assortment of stocking stuffers and quality presents for friends and family members alike.

Our recommendations are listed in alphabetical order below. has provided wearable, sharable Adventist jokes for several years now. New additions to their lineup include "The Great Record Keeper Controversy" shirts and Stripple and Vespers-related products. A great bet for young and young-at-heart Adventists! Find six packs of laugh out loud greeting cards for under $10 and classic clothing options for under $25. More at

Documentarian Martin Doblmeier has produced a popular trilogy of DVDs about the Adventist Church. While not Adventist himself, Doblmeier was impressed by the Adventist health care his mother received, and focused there for the first of the three films. The series has aired on PBS in the United States. The trilogy is available for $26.95 at the Adventist Book Center (as of publication).

Virginia Davidson, an artisan living in Washington State, created the ampersand pin as a potent symbol of God's calling of men AND women to gospel ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Read the story of how the ampersand became the symbol of Women's Ordination, and order your own pins in gold or silver for $7.50 apiece plus shipping and handling at

Roy Adams has written eight books and hundreds of editorials and articles during the course of his writing career, but through it all has said very little about his background and formative years. In this autobiographical memoir, he goes there, catching up the reader on some of the most arresting behind-the-scenes experiences of his life. It includes reflections on the leadership transition at the Adventist Review when Adams was overlooked, some of the political influences in the Adventist Church, and frank accounts of race issues still besetting the church. This book is serious reading for those interested in the inner workings of Adventism. $17.28 in paperback from Barnes & Noble (as of publication).

Committed is an award-winning a capella singing group from Huntsville Alabama who shot to fame after winning Season 2 of NBC's "The Sing-Off." This, their second Christmas album, features six beautifully-arranged holiday favorites for $9.99 from Mixed-bag Music. Singles are also available for digital download from iTunes.

Some of Adventism's finest scholars, activists and writers have collaborated on this book on doing justice, particularly in the context of Adventist faith and personal faithfulness. Contributors include Dwight Nelson, Ty Gibson, Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Ella Simmons, Lowell Cooper, Chris Blake, Lisa Clark Diller, ADRA personnel from around the world and more. Nathan Brown, book editor at Signs Publishing Company in Australia, edited this volume. Earlier this month, Brown spoke with Spectrum Board Chair Chuck Scriven about the book. It is currently available in the United States as an eBook from Amazon for Kindle for just $9.99.

Ronald E. Osborn, co-founder and executive director of the Adventist Peace Fellowship, created this sharply-designed 2015 calendar to highlight historical Adventist peacemakers. Read the story behind the creation and release of the calendar here. The Peace & Justice calendar is available with an online donation of $25 or more to the Adventist Peace Fellowship. To contribute and receive a calendar, visit the APF website,

In Questions and Answers About Women's Ordination, Martin Hanna, PhD and Cindy Tutsch, Dmin take an indepth look at this much discussed issue of women's ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist church. With a vote on the issue scheduled for the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, this book provides important biblical, historical, cultural and ecclesiological context to the ordination discussion. You can read the first chapter here, and purchase the book for $15.99 in paperback from the Adventist Book Center.

For over forty years, Spectrum has provided incisive, provocative and well-informed discussion of the most important topics and issues in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Spectrum's quarterly journal features scholarly articles, in-depth analysis, compelling stories, and original artwork focused the faith we share. An annual subscription of $39.99 gets you four issues of the journal and a one-year membership to the Association of Adventist Forums, and donations in any amount fund Spectrum's journalistic work in print and on this website. Subscibe here, or donate here. As an added bonus, we have lots more great gift items in our online store.

Especially conceived and developed for today's women in conjunction with the General Conference Women's Ministries Department, this New King James Version of the Bible has a wealth of features specifically related to women. This beautifully designed Bible for women is available in English, Spanish, and French. Dimensions are 5 3/4' (width) x 8.5' (length). Available in a faux leather finish in several color combinations for $39.99 from the Adventist Book Center.

Happy Holidays, and happy shopping!

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(Carrol Grady`) #2

Some great ideas here - Thanks!

(With even more ideas in the comments below! -Ed)

(Jared Wright) #3

Here’s a bonus item for the philanthropically-minded among us: Give a gift to a non-profit like ADRA in someone’s name this year. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is doing important work in countries around the world. Click the image to visit their website (

(jeremy) #4

this year i’ll just be giving cash to everybody for xmas…and when i’m in downtown houston for the week of new year’s, i’ll have cash to hand out to those who come up to me and ask, which i know will happen…it’s unimaginative, but i’m guessing people know what they really want more than i do…

(Jared Wright) #5

To give cash to Spectrum for xmas, click the “Donate Now” button… :smile:

It’s actually a great idea (giving cash for Christmas). Easier than returning an on-sale sweater vest from the clearance bin at XYZ department store. Then again, you Canadians and your Boxing Day…smart people.

(Pagophilus) #6

How about the book Tremble by Dave Fiedler, or The Ordination of Women: The Priesthood of All Believers and Other Aspects by Jan Voerman?

(Jared Wright) #7

Speaking of Postmodernism (which it appears Fielder is, at least tangentially) Reinder Bruinsma, who has written many works of theological reflection, has a new book out about Postmodernism too, called
"Present Truth Revisited: An Adventist Perspective on Postmodernism."

Click on the image below to go to the Amazon eBook page.

(le vieux) #8

How about some SOP books? Didn’t see any on the list. Hmm . . . .

In fact, nothing on the list interested me.

So, how about The Omega Rebellion by Rick Howard, or The Dangers of Contemplative Prayer by Howard Peth? And then there is the 6 DVD series All the Way My Saviour Leads Me by Walter and Sonica Veith. It’s a powerful testimony of how the Lord has led in their lives.

The “Really Useful Gift Catalog” by ADRA is also a nice idea. My kids have always looked forward to its arrival, and they pick various projects to support.

(Rohan Charlton) #9

How about some SOP books? Didn’t see any on the list. Hmm . . . .

Maybe you misunderstood, it’s supposed to be a gift not a punishment!

(le vieux) #10

A very sad reaction to one of the best gifts one could give outside of the Bible itself. We ignore her counsel at our peril.

(Rohan Charlton) #11

We ignore her counsel at our peril.

Not really, we have the Bible…

Which I agree is a wonderful gift with potential eternal consequences.

(jeremy) #12

if you valued the bible, you’d value its teachings on spiritual gifts…i agree with birder: we ignore egw at our peril, because doing so essentially means we’re ignoring the bible’s counsels on the importance of spiritual gifts, of which the gift of prophecy is now the most important…


Well, I guess that can be also seen as “philanthropically-minded.” Your seeking to promote the welfare of Spectrumites; by proving better services.

I also tried to squeeze the words “generous and benevolent,” in there but couldn’t quite work out how :wink:


Oh, man, no, you don’t really mean that Rohan? I’ve just started reading Early Writings, and that long vision of how heaven is going to be like (in chapter 1) just blew my mind. I mean literally lifted me up, and had my already wild imagination going to all sorts of places :rocket: . Its like my early childhood was brought back to me. Don’t allow people who have butchered and misinterpreted her writings to ruin it for you. :sunglasses:

(Rohan Charlton) #15

Well said Tony. Remember I was raised with EGW…Sometimes…too much of a good thing eh?!

Can’t deny things are kinda shaping up like she said tho…Was quoting her over beers to my mates today…haha!

The gift and and the curse…


lol how cools that. You can take the Adventist out of the church, but you cant take the church out of the Adventist :wink:

Yeah, spot on man. Looking back at the 1800s, to have said, then, that America was going to become a world superpower and worse yet, persecute Christians some day would have been seen as laughable, ridiculous even. And that the RCC was going to get its power back and, to make that an even harder pill to swallow, it will work together with America to persecute. But as you say, “can’t deny things are kinda shaping up like she said tho.” Next year will be the first time in American history that a pope will address congress.

Awesome to see your keeping an open mind Rohan.

(George Tichy) #17

Can you please be so kind and mention a few of Her “counsels” that are not in the Bible but represent a “peril” if ignored?

(George Tichy) #18

And the majority will not like his talk because he speaks about doing good to the people, not only the wealthy 1%.

(The majority next year = Republicans)

(le vieux) #19

Those are code words to which I’m not inclined to respond. Too often on this forum I’ve seen those who decry “legalism” and a literal interpretation of certain passages of Scripture, use a “letter-of-the-law” approach when looking for ways of ignoring certain issues or doctrines. “If the exact words are not there, then it’s not there” is their thinking. Thus, they can claim that the IJ is not in the Bible. Well, neither is an explicit prohibition of throwing babies onto trucks with pitchforks, but I think we would all agree that the Bible presents principles which would prohibit such barbaric practices.

Ellen White has given us a clear picture of how to prepare for the last days. But she is not appreciated here by most of the posters. By ignoring the preparation she recommends, many will be completely unprepared for the time of trouble.Then they will wish they had not mocked and belittled her inspired counsel.

Jesus said that we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. Ellen White said that only those who fortify their minds with the truths of the Bible and receive a love of that truth, will avoid being deceived, and make it through the time of trouble. So, is her exact wording in the Bible? No, but the principle is there. Those who do not know and love the truth will not be free, but will be slaves of the beast who demands worship, or else.

(Mercy triumphs over judgment. James 2:13) #20

From childhood I’ve being taught from EGW & read her for myself. Nevertheless, the question to you is which EGW counsel isn’t in the Bible that leaves us in peril without EGW. Fortifying one’s mind w/ the Bible in order to go through to the end is certainly a teaching in the Bible. I’d truly appreciate a thoughtful response to the question, & not just a dismissal of those who ask it.