The Turning of America

I highly doubt that anything Franklin Graham has to say is not clear beyond earwax.

Why? Because you have been told that those types will persecute you?

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Ok here is the feedback and questions I got in the original language context for your reference.

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"This should alarm us all, but not scare us."

How much “alarm” can one have before it becomes “fear/scare”? Ach…how I dislike the Gospel of Fear because it has nothing to do with a loving Savior.

"Why? Because we know that it symbolizes that we are literally at the time of the end in earth’s history."

Some day this will be true- but many generations before us have thought the same and here we all are.


Thanks, very useful. I notice in the 4th paragraph he mentions Jn.3:16

Ok, so what is the Gospel that is foreign to him?

Did you find out?
Apparently he does not know the gospel.

American Christianity has been political since it’s founding. I dont see that as a bad thing. It’s just not the main thing.
Those same people gave us the 1st. Amendment.
Interestingly governments are challenging churches rights to express their religious views above what some presently hold in society as a acceptable…example private schools and LGBT. It will be interesting to see the rulings .i.e. Australia, California.
Now that’s dangerous.


Not really, I would need to hear what he had to say to make an informed decision.

According to some here, which is quite interesting coming from people from the SDA church.


I feel Tom definately knows the gospel. I think that personal experiences and political leanings are informing his comment.
Graham supposedly created an uproar in the past Concerning LGBT and “radicalization of Muslims.”
some in Britain suggested he might have broken their laws of discrimination of these groups. Perhaps this influenced Toms decision but He can speak for himself. I consider him a brother in Christ.
@tjzwemer @maddamted

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Most definitely! I don’t doubt that Tom knows the gospel.

I thought maddamted was referring to Franklin Graham, so I was too. Not Tom Z.


Maybe I misread but I think it was related to a post he sent Tom asking him to defend his comment related to Franklin…basically, " how so?"


Interesting article, food for thought. But, it seems the point or question posed in the beginning, was missed. As usual!! I see the question as being why was the country from which America was attacked by terroist not having its citizens ‘banned’. The author then went on to suggest that this was a pattern seen in the past. One can disagree with the authors premise, but at least give it some ‘original’ thinking and feed back!

Franklin Grahamr receives 2 Million dollars a year. but he speaks polemics of a right right milaristic varity. He is far more politically oriented than Gospel based. His youth was a waste until he found were the money was.


Don’t care to judge his motives Tom.
I know both he and his father’s finances over the years have been above reproach.
Without first hand knowledge, I will bet his end product % for charity from Samaritan purse is higher than gov. And equal to or above other charities.
He isn’t his father in delivery but he is solid on the Basics, I suggest.
As far as his salary, he didnt take a vow of poverty and it is a large organization.


Franklin Graham –
True, his “youth was a waste.”
And I am sure Dr. Graham was grieved about their “lost” kid like every preacher’s
kid who for some reason does not find their Savior, does not find God when living
at home.
I was once in an AA meeting where there were 3 preacher’s kids. One girl, 2 guys.
They grew up in a preachers homes. They all 3 stated it wasn’t until they came to
AA that they found God.
Sometimes it takes an OUTSIDE SOURCE for a preacher’s kid to find God, and
not their Father, NOR their Father’s church.


Hi you say"I feel Tom definately knows the gospel".

What Gospel do you think he Know?

Tom has shared through the years His focus on believing the death and Resurrection of Christ (he calls it “The Christ Event”) as the Good News of the Gospel, accepting Jesus’ gift of eternal life.


The only one scripture teaches. Jn.3:16.

I`m not sure what you mean.
But John 3:16 is not the Gospel for today. Christ had not died Yet and the law and the Prophets had not been Fulfilled.
The Gospel Today includes the Death Burial and Resurrection according to Paul.