The Turning of America

(Patrick Travis) #159

Agreed. Dont consider your concern as fear mongering. It is potentially dangerous on multiple levels. We mere mortals are left unprotected on many levels.
The bottom line of hope to me is the self preservation of the designers family and health.
We are simply riding the wave and don’t and can’t seem to control it.
My mantra in life is not to get paralyzed by events. Do my daily activities with trust and hope in God and do what I can to change things. Accept what I cant.
I have appreciated your supoort.
Cheers, Pat

(Steve Mga) #160

I use a little cash during the month, but mostly I use my credit card
when I can, and then pay it off or add to it during the month by
on-line banking. I seldom carry more than 5 to 10 dollars on me at
any one time.
I also pay some bills on line. I only have to write 3 or 4 checks a month.
For almost 15 years my money has been direct deposit. Even my Tax
refund is direct deposit.

(Cfowler) #161

Yes, Steve…cash is very much in the background.

All our bills are paid on line. I only write checks for local things like paying the plumber, etc. Everything is direct deposit. I use my debit card for pretty much everything when out and about.

(Johnny Carson) #162

Same with us. When we still lived in an urban area cash or checks were a rare thing indeed in our pocketbooks. Now that we live in a rural area we find that there are many vendors, even in town, who don’t take debit or credit cards, and some, like the service persons who perform work in our home won’t work on a cash basis only, won’t even accept a check, probably because they are working out of sight of the taxman. We’ve written more checks in the last 20 months than we did in the previous 20 years.

(Patrick Travis) #163

What shall we make of Rider University banning Chic Filet from its campus?
Is this more evidence of liberal colleges being open to alternative ideas? Is it evidence of how “conservative” Christians in fact are discriminated against on liberal college campuses?

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