The Unintended Consequence of Misplaced Trust

This week CBS News and YouGov reported the results of poll questions asked to GOP voters. Some of the results were fairly predictable. For example, no one would be shocked to discover that the majority of GOP voters are planning to vote for Trump in the primary, or that they believe that the latest indictment (in Georgia, for those struggling to keep up) is politically motivated.[1] There was, however, one question asked of likely Trump voters that yielded a disturbing answer. Among these voters Trump is considered the most trustworthy.

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We are witnessing a “Pied Piper” phenomenon; the angry, gullible, and frustrated are told to “follow me” and I will take care of you, I will fix it. Just trust me. You need no evidence, you need not believe those who criticize or raise questions about me. You’ll be happiest marching to my music, step after step behind my notes, content to walk off the cliff screaming you were lied to. One can take comfort that not all Republicans are in the line behind the Piper. But their questions are taken as disloyalty, so they become the enemy.


It’s a tragedy when so many people support a total disregard for Democracy, don’r care about their own liberty, and abandon certain Christian principles of morality.

My conclusion is that those willing to shoot their own foot are totally unaware of History facts about what happened in Nazi Germany. Had they only read some book about what happened there, maybe they would not support the American Fascist (now indicted 4 times for his crimes) and his Party, the GOP. What Hitler did is EXACTLY the same Trump tried to do here.

It’s mind boggling seeing nominal Christians supporting an anti-Christian regime. Have they heard of Putin, Castro, Kim-jong-un, Mussolini, and numerous other dictators and what they did to their own people? How come this is happening in America??? Simply disheartening!!!


Many white evangelicals are no longer Christians. They have become Trumpians. Athanasius is clear that once you choose to follow a profane person, you bear that profane person’s name. Donald Trump has stated on various occasions that he is “the Chosen One,” “the second coming of God,” and “the new King of Israel.” Many of his followers believe and have written that he is the literal Son of Man in the Bible. In our faith community, who are the disseminators of disinformation and loony conspiracy theories? Seventh-day Adventist Trumpians. Who are the neosubordinationists and other anti-Trinitarians, all of whom feel it necessary to diminish and debase Jesus? Mostly Seventh-day Adventist Trumpians.

Everyone should put on a Hazmat suit, wade in the muck of Fulcrum7, and read the deranged writings of David Read. (Yes, I understand the argument that such a person and his writings should be ignored, marginalized, and shunned). He believes that there is only person in the entire world whom you can trust, and that person’s name is Donald Trump. You can’t trust the secret cabal of Jews who are in control of the world because that cabal is secretly acting to diminish America’s whiteness (Great Replacement Theory). You can’t trust the Catholics, because they are using climate change to gain control of the world. You can’t trust the Muslims, blacks, Mexicans, immigrants, refugees, women, LGBT+ persons, liberals, scholars, and scientists, because they are all “Marxists.” And you can’t trust the president, the congress, the courts, the CDC, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the rest of the “Deep State,” the mainstream media, the World Health Organization, and other domestic and international entities, because they are all in on it. You can’t even trust the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the GC, and Ted Wilson, because they all are in on it, too. And you can’t even trust the Republican Party, because it has not sufficiently bent the knee to Donald Trump. Again, the organizing principle in Read’s entire body of writings, stated concisely and with only a smidgeon of exaggeration, is that there is only one person in the world whom you can trust, and that person’s name is Donald Trump.

There is so much literature written and handwringing done about the futility we have all experienced in ministering to Seventh-day Adventist Trumpians. How could they have fallen into this cult? How could they have become so ungrounded in factual reality? Why can’t they see the light? Why are they so impervious to reason? I don’t have good answers to these questions. I too am frustrated. But I am reminded of a specific Seventh-day Adventist Church teaching, which sets forth what we have traditionally described as The Unpardonable Sin. And in my despair, I remain inconsolable.


I suspect DR has some mental health issues!!

Donald Trump is the pustule of a very large and deep infection. The support for Trump as trustworthy has nothing to do with confusion and everything to do with their projection upon Trump that he is raging against the machine. For decades now a rising tide of resentment has been building against the institutions and politics of this nation. NAFTA pulled $30/hr jobs out of America leaving unemployable victims having to settle for jobs paying much less than half of what they were getting. Farms have gone corporate. The 2008 crash left executives with golden parachutes with no accountability for actions that destroyed lives and retirements. Racism is thrown into this mix, as well as Evangelical fears of cultural catastrophe for their “way of life.” Trump is 36% of the voting public’s answer to their expression of grievance. Trump is not bought by politics. He is the outsider. He thrashes the institutions that have put those supporting him in dire straits. Trump doesn’t conform to conventional, and they love him for it.

Though in both of the past two presidential elections Trump lost the popular vote convincingly, the Electoral College and gerrymandering framework our elections abide by has given Trump a victory and another near victory, and if the guy continues to be the nomination, could conceivably become a Commander in Chief in a correctional facility.

This is not an Unintended Consequence of Misplaced Trust, this is a deliberate support of a person an angry and resentful populace with eyes wide open are committed to because Trump gives the establishment black eyes and bloody lips and they want more.


Phill, I loved your post. And yes, there is no explanation for people who once were Christians to suddenly abandon the core of the Christian message and then following someone who is the incarnation of evil. Can HE be the anti-Christ? Who knows???


That’s astonishing: You say to love the person who intended, and still does, to destroy Democracy in America and to institute a Fascist Government. So… you don’t care about freedom & liberty at all?

Apparently you have no idea what it is like to live in Russia, North Korea, Cuba, etc, uh? You should try before supporting that kind of “government.” Visit one those places to see it by yourself, and if you like it, you should ask for asylum in one of them! :rofl:


I may not be the nicest commenter on this subjecthere, and I will try to contain myself as I post. But I have zero tolerance to posts (and posters) that undermine my freedom. Let me tell you why:

. Before I was born, my parents and their 3 children were ablt to flee the Communist Czechoslovakia, leaving everyone and everything behind. All to make sure that the family will live in freedom.Ten months after I was born (in France), we migrated to Brazil. At age 39 I decided to bring my family to the US, to make sure we would be in a country where FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and DEMOCRACY were firm foundations.

And now this??? When we are firmly established here for almost 34 years we have to deal with this absurdity again? Those people supporting Trump do not realize that if he comes back they will quickly lose everything they have? And they are OK with having a dictator that (so far) was indicted with 91 criminal counts? What are they thinking???


I share your concerns and your consternation at the electorate that is indeed willing to burn their own home down to the ground. We are watching a process similar to the destruction of Germany pre-WWII. I won’t go into the long list of comparatives, but the fact is democracy is only as good as its populace being engaged in the defense of freedom as per what this country has sought to become as its strives to reach its ideal. We have hit a proverbial “perfect storm” as did Pre WWII-Germany in whose populace didn’t like the imposed Weimar Republic that was messy and not as efficient as the Kaiser set up. Grievance is a terrible emotion to placate.

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I wish every trumpian lover could read this book, thus recognizing the signs and consequences of Fascism:


Yes, the rage against The Machine is one that is willing to tear down that which you think you are making Great Again. It is the definition of insanity and self-destruction. There is a claim in those that support Trump that America is theirs, they built it, and if I can’t have it, then no one can. If it takes a Dictator to give us what we deserve, then that is good for me and bad for you. The appalling thing in all this are the Evangelical “Christians” who are a huge part of that persistent 36% of voters who prefer Trump and damn the consequences.


Hello everyone!
Have we lost our collective minds so completely?
We keep harping about evil Trump while being absolutely oblivious/ignoring/sweeping under the carpet, etc. the EVIL of this present administration.
(the Bushs’ years are a close second)
You honestly cannot see the erosion of democracy since 2019?
Remember the official and willfully dishonest narrative of the “pandemic”? Perfect starting point to not only take away our civil liberties but cement firmly the present corrupt power base.
Noone seems worried about this seismic shift…
Yes we ARE sheep; no difference between the “world” and SDA’s AT ALL.
An examle: by perpetuating the egw lie ad absurdum, we have a long time ago shown our true colours; dis-honesty, deception, and an utter lack of independent/critical thinking skills.
And we believe Trump is the enemy?
May God help us!


Inmate No P01135809:
Great President or Best President Ever? :expressionless:

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Someone said it’s easier to con a man than to convince him he’s been conned.

A logical extension of this truism is that cultists are always susceptible to the allure of a new and improved cult.


This statement and the rest of those berating “Evangelical Christians” etc. are quite troubling. Do you think that those folks who “trust” Trump are really so evil, and Fascist? Are they really just sheep?

It is really difficult for you folks to understand and judge those with whom you disagree, and you are constantly willing to impute the worst. Surveys have shown that the right judges the left more severely and inaccurately and the left does the same. You believe what you hear in your echo chamber. And your self righteousness is, well, really off-putting.

And all this lying by Trump? The fact checkers were so biased! And no one has been so scrutinized as Trump. Biden has gotten a pretty good pass. Trump lied. So has Biden, even during the Presidential debate. So, perhaps time to cool your jets a bit.

RE: Trump. He received an estimated 2 billion in free advertising in 2016 by the media. Why? They thought he was the least likely to win against Hillary. But even bad publicity is good. So he squeaked in.

And his presidency was dogged by false investigations, media attacks and impeachment etc. I am not even saying he was always in the right, but such a position of weakness is not one a Fascist inhabits. He could not control events like Mussolini was able to. And I don’t know that Trump had anyone assassinated.

I am just concerned for you folks being so blind to your own side’s undemocratic tendencies

I read the book. Trump does not even come close, George! Where are the camps?? Central Idaho? That is what troubles me. You will believe anything confirming your bias… . .


Do you think that Fundamentalist church’s insistence on obedience, and uncritically believing what their leaders tell them is part of the problem why we have SDAs who have fallen for this self-serving conman?


I am disappointed Spectrum has chosen to jump into the political pool and swim in it. I want an independent magazine that is balanced and not ready to see enemies where there should not be any. This is a free country. Why make enemies and division where right and wrong are blurred and there is no response given to a secular bias?
To attack other Christians is not in my politics. Perhaps it is a leftover 20th- century hatred and suspicion of Catholics and “apostate” Christians! It’s in the same category as right-wing LGT proponents,
Even more disturbing are the comments about SDAs and others who see a different picture. There seems no room for moderation in this post or republican SDAs (I’m independent)
I recognize Trump’s personality and exaggerations (these are what dems called lies–I read the source.) are divisive, but he did not deserve what they did to him from the beginning, saying on election day “we will get him out no matter it takes.” Then one sees Biden with his mistakes, lies, corruption, the state of the nation, being a puppet for the dems, a history of racism, and the list goes on.

First the writer uses a dem media station as her first source. What else would we expect to find in the article? Does she research her opposition? And is she preaching to the choir? Why are Christians being targeted? Have they no right to be patriotic? Nothing is being forced on the nation by them. People have choices and hardly any one but the far left wants to see partial-birth abortions. I will bet you didn’t watch the GOP debates and hear Haley’s logical solution.

It was Trump who gave us the vaccination that saved many thousands of lives, maybe millions. But we don’t hear that. I was a democrat before Trump’s persecution started, and I knew if this could happen to a political opponent it could happen to any of us. It was a warning of how power takes over its opponents puts a Biden or worse in office. I am fairly sure we would not have had a Ukraine or Afghanistan under Trump.

Because I attempt to write logically, doesn’t mean I am a big fan of Trump. There are issues that keep me from being republican (like lax gun laws). Satan is using division, lawlessness and fear. I am hoping there will be another republican candidate to vote for. I fear the democratic party and their power over media, big business, social media, etc. They have the marks of a beastlike power. And never before have we had the technology for it to be used. Most is not in the hands of Christians; religion is decreasing in western lands. Catholicism has a history of a system that sought to control with violence as did others, but secular power can be as much as an image to the beast as any ideology as we learned from communism that killed millions and the Nazis who went after their opponents. This is a plea to reconsider what you think you know.
I may be wrong years in the future, but I base my stand on what I observe now.



But if thousands of years worth of evidence isn’t enough to convince people that neither religion nor government is capable of bringing about the peace and harmony they’ve both been promising for eons, then maybe the human race-which has shown no desire, much less the capacity to reject the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results-deserves to go the way of the dodo, leaving the apes or the cockroaches a turn at the helm.

Just sayin’….


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Trump gave us internal light bulbs, bleach and horse medicine. The CDC gave us the vaccine.