The Use of Pillory and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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lol…yes, I have heard of that. Perhaps, if we put all the church members into a coma…it MIGHT work! :wink:

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Birder, I am interested in why you believe that “contemplation” and “meditation” are different?

What is “true worship”?

It is important to define these terms.

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LGT… nothing new under the sun. Simply an Adventist update with a modern, western, individualistic twist!


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I wasn’t attempting to distinguish between them, since they are closely related. I was merely pointing out that there is nothing wrong with contemplating God’s word and works, or meditating on them. However, the kind of meditation and contemplation that is being foisted on many Christians today, bears no resemblance to Biblical meditation. It comes right out of Eastern mysticism, and its roots are found in the kingdom of darkness.


This is simply not true.

These are spiritual disciplines, like prayer, Sabbath, simplicity, etc. that are rooted in the Quaker focus on the Holy Spirit–not the kingdom of darkness.

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We have to be creative, Frank! Lol


I will give you a short list of resources which is available, some of which I have. I cannot give you every resource as the list would be too long. Remember none of these are mine, and are readily available on the internet or in books, or research material.

Starting with the most unreliable of accurate info is the Wikipedia under Jesuits search - they were involved in the Gunpowder Plot to destroy the English Parliament which was predominately Protestant at that time. A lot of this Jesuit article in Wiki has carefully altered history.

They were banished from multiple countries over the years. See Amazing Discoveries for a list. While there, look at some of the other references available.

Our own Samuel Bacchiocchi was trained in the Pontificial Gergorian University, so look up the background of that university. The Pope Benedict went there for their blessing.

There is a whole lot of evidence that during WW2 they played both sides of the fence, even taking part in massacres by the Ustashe of Protestant Serbs in early events of that war years - priests changing their robes for uniforms in that genocidal movement.

Former Jesuits, and careful researchers have found in the political intrigue of our world they will be on both sides of the political divide - left wing and right wing - pretending to be against each other, all the while collaborating with each other.

Because the Spiritual Formation program among most Christian denominations, including SDA’s, has its background, basis, and methods of operation in the spiritual exorcises of Ignatius Loyola, it is reasonable to believe that many of the leaders are either Jesuit, or are Jesuit trained.

Some books for research:
Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps
The Inquisitive Christians by Hilton Meyers
Breaking the Code of the Secret Societies and The Trail of the Serpent by Murl Vance
Books and videos on Alberto Rivera Ex Jesuit Priest (videos on internet)
Books and research on the assassinations of John Kennedy & Robert Kennedy
The Assassination of Abraham Lincon
If you can, research where large numbers of statesmen in many countries are or were trained in Jesuit universities by finding out if the uni is a Jesuit run one, and then finding out what statesmen have trained there.
The Jesuits by Malachi Martin
Amazing Discoveries has several reference material on the Jesuits, and under that heading.
The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes
The Jesuits by Wylie
The Vatican Billions by Avro Mannhattan
The Jesuits in History by Hector Macpherson
A video on internet gives an account of a sister in the church whose husband was a Jesuit undercover until she found out his secret and he disappeared along with all trace in the house of his being there.
A SDA dean, Benjamin Wilkinson, in one of our colleges in the early 1900’s discovered a “student” infiltrator at his college, confronted the young man, he left without saying a word and was not seen again. (I am not sure what info is still available on that today.)
A book of his is invaluable in this area, Truth Triumphant by Benjamin Wilkinson
I believe there is a book out now called, The Final Inquisition by Danny Vierra which I have not seen, but from the title may contain some info on this also

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You must be pulling our legs, punking us. Maybe put a smiley face at the end of such statements so we can tell.

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You were discribing them as entirely different…glad you clarified.

What “kind” is being ”foisted” upon Christians?

BTW…what is “true worship”?

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Yes, I’ve seen those videos myself. Shocking, isn’t it?

Many years ago I, along with a few other people were invited to a home meeting where we watched one of the videos. Contemplation, meditation, visualization, these words were discussed in-depth and strongly worded warnings given for us to beware of people who used them as catch phrases in the Sabbath School Class or in the sermon because they were words and principles of deception.

A couple of weeks later we were invited to the same home for a weekend small group get together to hear the words presented by a guest who was staying in the home. He also warned of these words. Further, he spoke eloquently. He spoke lovingly, and there were several in the group that weekend who delved deeper with this man, following his teachings via any means possible.

One day a number of years later I watched the TV screen, riveted to the flames as this man and his followers burned to death at Waco.

'nuff said? 'nuff said!

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Thanks…lots of info.
Will take a look- time permitting.

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Have you really investigated what “contemplative prayer” involves? Emptying the mind, repeating a “mantra” (although they don’t used that term).


Yes, indeed. I have.

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And some of us practice it. It isn’t just theory to us. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, but have you contemplated the boogeyman yet? :smirk:

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I would say on this site…yes, yes, I have!

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Yea, I tried it once. It was scary. We should warn everyone. I saw this:

And then I started fondling my wedding ring…

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Oh…Precious…Precious! :crazy_face:


I forgot one from another SDA source the Z Tapes by James Arrabito from many years ago. Yes, they were on old video tapes, but ask around that you might find them having been transferred over to DVD. The quality is not high as you can imagine, but the info is good.

He died “unexpectedly” in a private plane crash just after interviewing the ex Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera who had a number of attempts on his life also, the last being successful - unfortunately.

James’ wife Pat Arrabito has also done some more work in recent years. You may have heard of “The Seventh Day” series narrated by Hal Holbrook, and “Hell and Mr Fudge” movie.

Actually just looked on the NET and found some of him there. Type in James Arrabito name and you will find out more.

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Don’t forget Raymond Brown, Jesuit theologian. Commentary on John, volume on the Lord’s prayer, among many fine volumes on the NT.

Ooohhh…I just blew my cover!