The Use of Pillory and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

My principal objection to pillory is that those who do such a thing invariably neglect attention to their own character flaws. The Pharisees of the New Testament and Chillingworth of The Scarlet Letter are examples that come to mind. Ted Wilson and his colleague opponents of women’s ordination, all of whom are anti-Trinitarian, need to repent of their Subordinationism, of their debasement of the Son, and of their departure from biblical Christianity. Somehow, we need to find a way to redirect their impulses. We need to encourage them to focus less on the Trinitarians they desire to punish and more on the study of God’s Word, particularly the biblical doctrine of the Trinity.


MEMO: GC Administrative Committee


I would like to know if there are any legal ramifications, because you can’t reprimand someone who actually doesn’t work for you. One is usually reprimanded by one’s imployee, not by one’s peer’s.
Now reprimanding a person could become personal, remember SA, which could result in a defamation or Crimen injuria case being open. Now in South Africa, Crimen injuria included emotional abuse, also how about intimadation. Because in the heat of words, things are expressed.
The General Conference, in the country I am currently in, is not the head of the church in the eyes of the law, and that is how they are constituted, each conference and union, has become its own religious entity.


It looks like!
And, besides being embarrassing, it is also revolting. Our Church has been hijacked by a very strange group, a group who has no problem in creating havoc and actually preparing the path to dividing the Church only to maintain discrimination of women in place. How sick!

The day those courageous Union Presidents who said “NO” to discrimination are reprimanded in public, the public should applaud them and give them extra time to talk! What a shame to have a religious leadership so poor in class and in principle as the current GC team!

I am almost positive that the fake “Committee” reached that conclusion only to meet Ted Wilson where he wanted to meet them. This is his hand of power and control acting out. If he thought that this procedure is not right, he would have already voiced his disapproval. Did he? No! So,… what else do we need to know.

I hope those who are pushing discrimination of women are not counting that the anti-discrimination crowd will just coward and retrieve. That would be a BIG mistake. Are they really going to split the Church only to protect their own male power??? Seriously?

Yes, it looks like they lost their minds for good!


This recommendation from the fake “Committee” is one of the most infamous thing I ever heard in Adventism. Reprimanding those who stand against discrimination of women? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the discriminators be all fired immediately and replaced with people who understand the Christian religion much better???

Adventism is very ill, high fever, cancer spreading out, nauseating issues. Can’t this nonsense be stopped???


Will those reprimanded have to wear a decal at meetings, in a bright colour.


Read Alden Thompson’s book “Inspiration” with a prayerful, open mind. You’ll find the answer there, Allen. Not every “command” in the Bible is timeless. And I believe most of us do not consider any statement used against the ordination of women to be a “commandment” at all.

Be honest, Allen. You do NOT keep/observe every “commandment” in the Bible.


Hi Peter,
I’ve recently come to the conclusion that what divides our church isn’t the role of women or conservatives vs. liberals, I think it comes down to how we read the bible…case book vs. rule book.

Bottom line is that I think we are in for some tough times and major upheavals…just at the time we should be getting things done. Nice timing on “someone’s” part.

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So what’s next? Will the GC try to control church membership by punishing churches that don’t discipline members to their satisfaction?

You mean like big yellow star with the word, REBEL, on it?


Hi Harrpa, isn’t it crazy how ridiculous this issue has become, and is still developing?
I cannot believe that our Church leadership is falling so low on the moral scale.


Wow, you never know. So many have cloud their minds with I must win, that now we have lost focus of our mission. Because in this deadly game lives are lost, not because been couldn’t reach them, but because someone decided that a committee meetings are more important than sharing the everlasting hope we have in Jesus Christ.


Well said, Tim! I agree that the underlying issue is our understanding of the Bible and its use.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a leader with the wisdom and dedication see see us through this. That issue has two significant influences: our personalities and our level of spiritual maturity - a concept many people either don’t understand at all or misunderstand.


There is also the financial benefits of maintaining cheap labour, Imagen paying equal everything to a women. Somehow, God offers equality, yet somehow some men, denies that justice which God requires from us.


The mind that is sick with the discrimination disease can do that kind of things.


Do we remember Rwanda Genocide, suddenly God loving people murdered one million Christians, that was Adventist killing Adventist. In our church in Cape Town South Africa we had refugees living there, and they told us some stories. When"I" becomes the prime focus, or “my way”, then we can forget about reasonable dialogue, because frenzy creates blindness no matter you believe.


You could accuse those disciples & apostles at the Jerusalem council of force by coming up with the 4 rules as well.

Maybe accuse parents for forcing their children to do school homework or chores too?

Want a service of love? Check out 1 Cor 13:5 and contemplate what it means “thinketh no evil”

Roberts Rules of Order were designed to establish civil orderly discourse in any issue in which there needs to be an outcome that is rational and effective to a common end. It is to give equal voice to competing sides of an issue. The aim is for a civil dynamic void of prejudice. It is designed that the most timid can be heard. So how does prior prejudicial labeling of a speaker prompt civility? TW tactics at SA were clear signs of a power play administration. what was seen is what was got.


Anyone think that “irresistible grace” taught by Calvinist influenced preachers smacks of force?

TW has never read Calvin. He focuses on White vrs Kellogg.