The Value of Local Church Membership in Light of Recent Developments

Just curious:
Why giving credit only to her since there are others who supplied part of “her writings?” It’s public knowledge that she plagiarized quite a bit. Aren’t those original authors also entitled to some praise for being kind of “prophets” as well?


Tim, thanks for providing those statements from the “SOP” that quickly and completely debunk any claim of “obedience to the GC.” The concept in itself is absurd.

But, be “warned” that the GC does not agree with you, and may consider to declare you an infidel! You’ve been warned!.. :rofl:


The “GC” is NOT the litmus test that we must pass for our salvation. If we study our Bible carefully we will find that the Biblical characters it talks about, the heroes of our faith, would NOT be “GC Proof” type people. Let our prayer ascend, and our faith stand firm, that our church would be a community of people full of love to one another and to all people; that we would reverence Christ and seek to please him in all things through the obedience of faith; and that we would be a “city set on a hill” that cannot be hid, and a company of travelers full of good works that bring glory to God our Creator and Redeemer.


You tease. Promises, promises.


I can only wish that the emphasis of Local Conference to GC would be how to create a healthy church congregations. The GC is not setting a good example in warnings and reprimands toward those who follow their conscience in what they believe is the Spirit of the Scriptures.


The perspective of this GC personage is just evil. It is arrogant. It is condescending. It is egotistical. It is dangerous. And I don’t doubt the credibility of our witness, Sam Millen. Apparently the GC person thinks they know the wheat from the tares. Apparently this person wants to stimulate the “shaking” that haunts Adventism.

If indeed there is a shaking, I think the GC person with the described attitude may be surprised who is shaken and who is not. But in the meantime, the GC person would do well to remember that Jesus rebuked his disciples when they thought they knew the wheat from the tares.

This attitude at the top has to go or the General Conference is the entity that needs to burn to the ground, to be replaced with what Millen describes as a

[quote=“spectrumbot”] “General Conference…created to serve the church, not control it. It’s at the bottom of the triangle when the triangle is turned upside-down. The General Conference is not the church. You and I are the church. We don’t serve the General Conference. The General Conference serves us.”

And if the world church does not see the danger of what is happening at the GC now, then some parts of our fellowship may have to consider alternatives to this rogue GC.


It’s important we serve our local church. But don’t forget, the local church doesn’t need the General Conference. So it could leave the system. That would certainly not affect the GC. But what if the 6 union conferences that received a warning would quit? And I’m sure that others would follow. And then?

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My local church is my extended family. Without the instant communication that a very few of us enjoy, it is my guess that millions of Adventists (including North America and Europe) will never hear any more than their local church news.


“Now our meeting is drawing to a close, and not one confession has been made. There has not been a single break so as to let the Spirit of God in. (5LtMs, Ms9, 1888, para. 1)”

If the General Conference with Ellen White actually present can ensure that there is not a single break to let the Spirit of God in, how can people argue that in 2015 there can be no question that the Spirit of God was leading?


“denominational membership” sounds very exclusive considering that the word “church” on the other hand means a group of people assembling to worship God. Herein lies an interesting situation where those who attend the “denomination” without a membership are considered just bodies filling empty spaces in the exclusive club even though they may be called by God to serve with their gifts. Furthermore if the “bodies” who attend the “denomination” have any “questionable” tendencies by the “denomination” standards, they are not allowed to serve even if they hold a “membership”. It is really complicated and most people do not need that kind of stress in their spiritual lives.


I used to have my membership in my home church in TN.
I have been in Macon since 2005. And attending here. I was one of
the church organists up until about 2 years ago when I came in on a
Friday afternoon to get the hymn numbers from the secretary for
Sabbath to practice. It was THEN that I was informed that I was no
longer on the List to play for church. Someone else was playing the
next day. SURPRISE! [Note: I had given my church organ to my home
church. Quite large, digital pipe stop offerings. They decided to get a
different one. So I had it sent down here. This church wanted it so I
gave it to them. And that is what I played each time my turn came.]
But even though I have transferred my membership I do not need to
have a church office. I have a number of Volunteer activities in the
community to keep me busy during the months. And I continue to
meet persons who invite me to do more.
One just has to STEP OUT of the pew comfort zone, “leave church”,
and take one’s body into the community and say, “May I help you?”
A “church office” I have found is basically an EGO TRIP anyway, if
one isn’t careful.
My advice, forget a “church office”, GO! Help a community Volunteer
program. Have fun with a lot of non-Seventh day Adventists who love



Conduct a survey/poll at your local church to find out what % of members feel comfortable in inviting anyone to their local church because of what is taught/presented at sabbath school or the sermon.

For that matter…who reading this feels comfortable?

In the early 1980’s , I remember hearing the senior pastor ask the congregation… who felt comfortable inviting anyone to church.


And then? Then the GC will suddenly wake up. Just imagine the SECC’s money (and all others’) no longer being available to be sent to the black suited guys upstairs at the GC!

I have the impression that the GC guys are mesmerized by having some (artificial) power in their hands and are underestimating what can actually happen to the Church as a result of their abuse of power. Their irresponsible management may at the end be responsible…, yes, responsible for the Church split!

Exactly. It’s the other way around.

I have said several times that local churches do not get ANY benefit from the existence of the GC. If the GC were dissolved (which it should be indeed!) it would be a blessing to the local churches.


Something not mentioned in this thread is that in a few years, the total amount of tithe as it is shared with the different entities up the line, the GC will get 3.8 cents of each tithe dollar from North America. All the rest of the money is shared with 3 different levels, 70%+ stays with the conference. (Some money comes back to the conference thru different programs at the union conference) So I hope some members can get some perspective. Also the leadership continues to change. Slower than we might wish but we members of the congregation inevitably outlast the leaders.


I agree that it was worded in a strange way. It should have been forthright its it declaration that all ordaining of Woman should cease and desist.

BUT alas the church has to fulfil the anti-type of the Korah rebellion and countless souls will be lost for the kingdom for it. Very heaviness of spirit to consider this and the consequences of standing against a very plain thus saith the Lord.

Strange indeed.

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Welcome LesterL.

The GC was at one time being ruled by a small group of men and these men as Mrs. Ellen was shown were of a spirit that was not from above. The GC was reconstructed after this time and operates as a democratic system that represents Gods will when WE do come together as a body. At that time in 1880’'s it was the power of the will of a small group of very unenlightened men.

Mrs. Ellen was an incredible person of character that shown brightly during this time of small men being the majority for a time. She was a modern day Debra for the time of Kellogg rebellion in my estimation. its without question she stood above all because God was with her.

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WOW! Kicked out like that without any warning?
It wouldn’t happen today, because now it’s the “era of warnings!” … :wink:
Sorry Steve, that you had such a disappointing experience. But I know you are strong, that’s why you dedicate yourself to so much activity in other places.

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Was God with her at night, too, when she quietly copied from other books in secret and inserted the texts in her book as if they were her own?
Just askin’ …


I see that stats show there is currently a 40 % fallout of new members.

Before the WO, LGBTQ, compliance CHAOS…was there a lot smaller fallout stat??

In industry, there are those who err due to oversight, apathy and insubordination.

The last 2 reflect morale/attitude.

For real???

The lost are those who are engaged in immature conventional minded, institutional idolatry because they are still in a JESUS rejecting, LAW trashing Rom 8:7 attitude/character

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