The Vision: New Docu-Drama Series on Beginnings of Church in Europe

European Adventists Pilot a Video Series on the Beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe.

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OK; will the movie pay attention to Lindemnn, whose group sougaht the contact to Sabbathkeepers they heard of , namely Erzberger ? He now was a convert by Czechowski, this carzy man, all alone, insecure supports from US, so to say on his own expense came to Europe. Czechowski for quite a century was neglected, , hidden, displayed for children as an example of being a “bad man” : “The Man Wo Would Not Obey” - - -

He was the first and sucessful missionary , proclaiming the Advent message - him alone ! - - althought not sent by some General Conference for Foeignn Mission Comittee.GCMFMC).

And what about those in Eastern Prussioa (Then Koegsberg, the Kaliningrad)?

I have quite some arguments to at very first ask about the reliability of the Docu Rama
of the film you anounced, out of the experience neglecting he european roots : Lindemann in Vohwinkel had his congregation. rebaptized, endtime oriented, somewhenin the 1850ies adopting the SAbbath. I own the concept of one of my ancestors , a layman, weaver, delivered in this congregation on August 18, 1848, preching the Kingdom of Right and Justice coming soon - - Mrs White on her visit also was in the house of my grand - grandparents -see her diary.

And I hav e known one member of a sinmiliar group in Koenigsberg, then Kaliningrad…

Well, we are gonig to see, me also as an expert onCzechowskis last days in Vienna.

Is there a way to read the account of the visit? That sounds interesting. Is there a manuscript from EGW about this visit?

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  • I need your mail address, then I can send you my copy obtained with quite a lot of quarrels from the White Estate about 1980.


I sent my email address. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.

Sorry, did not get te mailadress.

TThe material contains a photocopy of EGWs orignal diary a,d amn official transscript. Both now at Friedensau archieves. Yet a copy of the transscript is on my harddisc. So I woulld be glad to help you.

Again my mail :

Dr. Gerhard Svrcek - Seiler
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1230 Wien

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