The Vision: New Docu-Drama Series on Beginnings of Church in Europe

European Adventists Pilot a Video Series on the Beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe.

Understanding our roots inspires our future! That is the impetus behind “The Vision,” a docu-drama piloted at the Global Adventist internet Network (GAiN) meetings, August 9, 2017 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The very first Adventist Missionaries outside of North America headed to Europe. It became Adventism’s first mission field. “The Vision” aims to highlight their story – the beginnings of Adventism in Europe in the second part of the 19th Century and what history may mean for us today. It is based on historical documents and uses a mixture of narration, expert interviews, and a reconstruction of dramatic moments.

The Inter-European (EUD) and Trans-European (TED) Regions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worked together to share the first pilot episode in what is planned as a series of 10 programs, retelling the fascinating story, sharing the hardships, the joys and the vision of a church committed to reach the world. “The Vision” will not only bring an understanding of pioneer mission in Europe, but will emphasize what then became a European passion for mission that has influenced the world far beyond European borders.

“The Vision” is the brain child of Corrado Cozzi, EUD Communication director. He was inspired by watching the movie “Tell the World” that movingly recounts the origins of the Seventh-day Adventist movement. Introducing “The Vision” during GAiN he stated, “during the closing moments of ‘Tell the World’ we saw the Adventist pioneers sending John Andrews to Europe. I realized that story needed to continue. We need to follow up by creating a video document of the beginning of the Adventist church in Europe.”

Adrian Dure is a filmmaker based at Stimme der Hoffnung, the EUD Media Centre.“Being someone who comes from South America, but serving now in Europe,” he said,“it is impressive when we discover that we have a rich and wonderful history in Europe. Our intention is to motivate viewers to discover the precious history of the Adventist Church and its missionary profile.”

The pilot episode focuses on church co-founder Ellen White’s arrival in Europe and how that motivated the development of the many ministries and institutions that supported the mission of the church.

“I think that, to a great degree, our church members do not know our roots,” said Cozzi. “The idea of producing a documentary movie about the beginning of the church in Europe could have a positive effect on them.”

Hosting the docu-movie, Victor Hulbert, TED communication and media director, affirmed that a series like this can really impact lives. “In 2014 I made a film on Adventist Consciences Objectors in World War I. Their story really impacted lives both within and outside the church. I believe that following up with more of our history will not only give us a better understanding of our Adventist identity in Europe, but will inspire members to be even more involved in service for mission at home and around the world.“

Positive feedback and creative suggestions received from the GAiN audience will help to frame the full documentary series as it is filmed over the next two years.

Find out more about “The Vision” by visiting

This article was written by Corrado Cozzi and Victor Hulbert and originally published by EUD News.

Image Credit: EUD News.

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OK; will the movie pay attention to Lindemnn, whose group sougaht the contact to Sabbathkeepers they heard of , namely Erzberger ? He now was a convert by Czechowski, this carzy man, all alone, insecure supports from US, so to say on his own expense came to Europe. Czechowski for quite a century was neglected, , hidden, displayed for children as an example of being a “bad man” : “The Man Wo Would Not Obey” - - -

He was the first and sucessful missionary , proclaiming the Advent message - him alone ! - - althought not sent by some General Conference for Foeignn Mission Comittee.GCMFMC).

And what about those in Eastern Prussioa (Then Koegsberg, the Kaliningrad)?

I have quite some arguments to at very first ask about the reliability of the Docu Rama
of the film you anounced, out of the experience neglecting he european roots : Lindemann in Vohwinkel had his congregation. rebaptized, endtime oriented, somewhenin the 1850ies adopting the SAbbath. I own the concept of one of my ancestors , a layman, weaver, delivered in this congregation on August 18, 1848, preching the Kingdom of Right and Justice coming soon - - Mrs White on her visit also was in the house of my grand - grandparents -see her diary.

And I hav e known one member of a sinmiliar group in Koenigsberg, then Kaliningrad…

Well, we are gonig to see, me also as an expert onCzechowskis last days in Vienna.

Is there a way to read the account of the visit? That sounds interesting. Is there a manuscript from EGW about this visit?

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  • I need your mail address, then I can send you my copy obtained with quite a lot of quarrels from the White Estate about 1980.


I sent my email address. Please let me know if you don’t receive it.

Sorry, did not get te mailadress.

TThe material contains a photocopy of EGWs orignal diary a,d amn official transscript. Both now at Friedensau archieves. Yet a copy of the transscript is on my harddisc. So I woulld be glad to help you.

Again my mail :

Dr. Gerhard Svrcek - Seiler
MAurer LAngegasse 72
1230 Wien

Please check your “Messages” on here to see my email address. There should be a green envelope on your icon in the top right hand corner.

Thanks very much!