“There Goes an Adventist Statesman”

It was the former associate editor of the Adventist Review, Roy Adams, who watched Dr. Bert Beach turn a crisis for the church into an opportunity. During the 1991 meeting of the World Council of Churches (WCC) taking place in Canberra, Australia, there was an interruption from, as Adams describes, “a couple of disgruntled Adventists . . . who in the name of Seventh-day Adventists unfurled a huge banner . . . accusing the WCC of pandering to Rome.” The meeting was adjourned until order could be restored.

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This obit should spark a discussion of syncretism, vs. complicity vs. personal piety and obedience but perhaps the subject is already discussed to the point of being passé. To me it seems one must have a measure of objectivity, a willingness to treat others with loving dignity and respect even as God does, if I may be so bold as to say it that way. Probation is still open. We do indeed need to build bridges where possible without compromise and with true concern for the salvation of the lost.

I was listening to a local evangelical radio station here in the “Bible Belt” to a listener call-in program. The caller, it became obvious, was SDA. The attitude was hard and harsh and even condemnatory. The tension and conflict was emotionally painful to me. The state of the situation is indeed sad.

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One man of great character, a man of nobility - - has gone. where did he come from, of what family ? - - Well. I remember a gerat little man here in Vienna just after the WW II - his father !

A heritage, a gerat heritage !!!

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