There Will Be No Saying

“The Pharisees asked him, ‘When will the kingdom of God come?’ He said, ‘You cannot tell by observation when the kingdom of God comes. There will be no saying, ‘Look, here it is!’ Or ‘there it is!’; for in fact the kingdom of God is among you.’” —Luke 17:20, 21

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Lovely Barry and so perceptive. Besides the intrinsic beauty and uniqueness of the Jesus story, the fact it offers astonishing hope to every person who understands and appreciates it, offers peace and forgiveness to those who accept it, and eternal life to those who allow it to define one’s life–most powerful evidence of all that the “kingdom” is already here.


Hope, peace, forgiveness, eternal life, beginning in this life—there’s a short answer for the “hope that is within us.” Thanks, Jim.


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