Therezinha Barbalho Ordained into the Gospel Ministry

Potomac administration recently had the privilege of ordaining Therezinha Barbalho, pastor of the Silver Spring SDA Church (Md.), into the gospel ministry.

“The call to ministry isn’t when someone says we couldn’t have done that without you,” said President Bill Miller, during the service. “It’s not when committees recommended you for ordination, a degree, interviews or endorsements. The call to ministry is when we hear His voice and we walk with Him into the human mess. The call to ministry is learning our limits and learning to trust in the God that is there with us.”

Barbalho says she felt called to pastoral ministry at the age of 18 and went on to graduate with a degree in theology. She worked as a Bible worker in Belém, São Paulo and later pursued a law degree. Even while practicing as a licensed lawyer in Brazil for 13 years, she continued to serve as a volunteer minister. After moving to the United States, Barbalho served as an associate pastor for the New Jersey Conference and later came to Potomac to pastor the Richmond Brazilian church (Va.)—where she held her first baptismal ceremony — and the Silver Spring church (Md.), where she works to date.

“I receive this moment, so needed for 32 years, understanding that God is making me, and promises to make me, more and more dependent on him,” shared Barbalho, during the service. “That is how I receive this blessing. I thank the Seventh-day Adventist Church for trusting that I can become fully dependent on Him.”

Pastor Therezinha Barbalho stands with her husband, Zeli Leite, and President Bill Miller.

This article originally appeared on the Potomac Conference website. Images courtesy of Potomac Conference.

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Pastor Barbalho,
We need all hands on deck in these troubled times. We appreciate your self-sacrificial service and, although God has clearly blessed your ministries thus far, there are many more blessings in store. Praise God!


Congratulations! May your ministry be blessed and serve many others.


The Potomac Conference is part of the Columbia Union.
Some of the Conferences accept women for ordination. Others are
PROUD of the fact that they DO NOT.
Silver Springs is in the same city as our General Conference Building
where all the Theologians are adamant against Women’s Ordination.
This is certainly a LIGHT in a DARK PLACE!!!


Congratulations! God bless your ministry, your church, your family.


Has anyone noticed if the General Conference building has any cracks appearing in it lately?

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I don’t know about “crack” but I heard they have “pot” in every room.
(Every room has a flower in a pot, that’s what they mean, I hope… :rofl: )

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Congratulações Pastora Therezinha Barbalho! Voce deve ser a primeira mulher Brasileira a ser ordenada ao ministério. Mas, claro… aqui nos EUA, não no Brasil. Parabéns. Desejo muito sucesso para voce no seu trabalho.


Harrpa, when I first read the title I knew that that was a Brazilian person - by the spelling of her name. And I thought, “WOW, how did that happen?” I first had the idea that she was ordained in Brazil, and that would be totally at odds with the SDA culture/mentality/belief in that country (region). Then everything was clarified when I saw that she lives here in the US.Good for her, and her family!!!


I wouldn’t say that ALL xxx at the GC are against women’s ordination. Some must simply cover their views by necessity.


Peter –
FEAR is probably the MORE ACCURATE word to use.
Position and “Your Worshipfulness” and all that goes along with that are
MORE COVETED than perhaps Truth.


And there’s ice in the fridge. It’s very cosmopolitan, catering for a number of preferences.


White, E. G. (1977) Mind, Character, and Personality, vol. 1. Nashville, TN: Southern Publishing Association.

Only if we walked in EGW example

We need all hands on deck to do what ?
Save the environment ? Stop wars ?

earthquakes are becoming for frequent !! Why ?

According to Google,
" Cosmopolitan definition is - having wide international sophistication : worldly.

Worldly? Hm…, OK, now it all makes sense! :wink:

The Bible command to “come out! Be separate!” has a lot of consequences
for us as the SDA Denomination. This can be especially so when we view
our “Christian brethren” as “Babylon”.
This is especially so in the realm of who can be in Leadership, and who
can be accepted as members to begin with.
Our Christian Brethren accepting women in Leadership. Our Christian
Brethren accept G’s, L’s, T’s into full membership.
SDAs see this and THINK “Babylon” and so it should be shunned, and it
should be rejected.
And so when certain Local SDA congregations have women in full
Leadership, or allow them selves to baptize anyone and embrace into
full membership, this is looked upon by others as NOT being fully a
Seventh day Adventist congregation.

Steve, I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or if it was a Freudian slip…, but there are no true “Theologians” working at the GC. They are certainly bureaucrats, some of them adventuring in shaping the Church’s theology and beliefs (and discrimination) - and look at the disaster they are causing, and accomplishing absolutely nothing!

Think, for example, of the cost of this “WO saga!” Take just the $1Mi+ TOSC. a fake but very costly adventure. And once it was determined that the TOSC conclusions were not helpful for the “GC politics,” it was just tossed .

The progress regarding women’s position in the Church are to be credited to people like Ricardo Graham, Dave Weigley, Bill Millerand so many other brave fighters for human rights around the world. The only credit the GC gets is for fighting against women’s equality trying to keep them under the lid, and denying them any lead… :wink:

I am glad some Conferences and Unions are intellectually and spiritually developed enough to make some ordinations to happen, like this one of Pastor Barbalho! Another blow of fresh air and courage.


Or not a legit Conference leadership. If a Conference ELECTS a female President, the GC Prez will call the editor of the Year Book and order to not publish her name. Cheap leadership.

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You both comment directly opposite to EGW councils

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You do NOT complete your thoughts. Please do so. Otherwise it is
difficult to receive your input and have conversation with you.
WHAT is “directly opposite” to Ellen’s council and why? According to her?