Therezinha Barbalho Ordained into the Gospel Ministry

Simon, when you make statements like that you need to substantiate them in some way, otherwise there is no credibility in what you are saying.
Also, please keep in mind that my frame of reference is the Bible, Sola Scriptura, and not what EGW said.

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We need all hands on deck, as this article shows, to spread the Gospel to every country, tongue, and people. To men, women and children everywhere.


What does it mean to spread the “gospel” ?
You need all hands on deck tho GOD and revelation says there will be a shaking ? Yes ? so obviously GOD has different plans .
Where are we as our churches service to the “gospel” ?

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Where are we? Still fighting discrimination of women!
Imagine, a Church discriminating against women instead of being busy with preaching the Gospel with the joint service pf women in ministry.
That’s where “we” are.


So your saying when church voted on the “GOSPEL” it was wrong ?
You reject EGW directly by having that stance .
You say its suppression authoritive and against freedom off conscience ? YES
Tho EGW says if freedom off conscience isn’t as per bible then is from darkness .

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George you play this earthly victim game all the time . This VICTIM MENTALITY.
when did JESUS play the victim ? Or prophets
We know by scripture and egw writings who always complained and said he was a victim

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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things I have commanded you.

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@simon please refresh my memory, at what time did the

I must have missed that vote.

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Why are you talking about me as a person? You don’t even know me. Stop the nonsense and stick to “the issues.” Otherwise you will be ignored.

I bet we ALL missed that Church’s “vote on the GOSPEL”… Maybe Simon knows something nobody else knows… :wink: :innocent:

G –
Simon apparently has difficulty writing in English.
Unfortunately we will just have to ignore him for now.
Perhaps he can find someone to post his thoughts for him.

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May God continue to bless her ministry. Being called is very serious. She and her husband have accepted her call to ministry and his as the spouse of the pastor, which in itself is a call to ministry. I will be praying for them.


it is possible that zeli will have a difficult time being fully accepted as a pastor’s spouse by everyone…there are a lot of people who are used to pastor’s spouses playing the piano for song service, giving children’s stories, and presiding over potlucks…not that he may not be capable of doing these things…

That has NOT been the experience here with the many women pastors in the area. She is the employee, not her husband. Nothing should be expected from him other than what a regular church member does.

Vai firme Pastor Barbalho, toca para frente seu ministério! :+1: :+1:

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“Ordained into the Gospel ministry.” What was she doing before she was ordained? Wasn’t that the same, preaching the Gospel/being in a Gospel ministry? Ordination practiced in the SDA Church is not biblical and needs to stop.

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it’s probably different in some of the smaller churches…

It is helpful for all participants on this forum to read the article entirely and remain on topic when responding to the articles and comments. Efforts toward obfuscation, although graciously tolerated here, are not very successful due to the experience of the readership with such.

We are at “no Greek, no Jew, no slave, no free, no male, no female.” Anyone may be authorized to preach; anyone can be given spiritual leadership. Therezinha Barbalho is one of those authorized by her church to serve as an authorized, ordained spiritual leader.


isn’t the laying on of hands reminiscent of what paul did with timothy, 2Tim 1:6…

and notice that paul distinguished “the gift” that timothy received as a result of paul laying his hands on him from the “unfeigned faith” that timothy received as a birthright from his grandmother lois, and mother eunice, v.5…in other words, the personal qualities timothy inherited and no doubt cultivated, and that he no doubt was already using, were different from what he received through ordination…if this is true, ordination is a big deal, and shouldn’t be denied someone over something as superficial as gender…

We can’t help ourselves with philosophy ?
That text is nationality based . Racism not about
Differences between male and female
Tho you apply some moral code by twisting the bible

Tho you like to twist bible meanings ??
Looks like you didn’t read the quoted EGW book