These Adventist Gamers Are Building a Minecraft Ministry

On February 8, the official Adventist Church Facebook page shared a post highlighting One Accord: The Guild, “an Adventist server for gamers and creatives.” Currently sitting at 1,700 reactions, 543 comments, and 790 shares, the post carries a disclaimer that the organization is not affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The post caught my attention, as it’s uncommon for the official church page to share an unaffiliated organization’s content.

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As a life long Adventist and a gamer myself for more than 40 years I have always made sure I only have an appropriate amount of fun.

IMHO it is fine to have a build event on Minecraft (I have a server myself) but why do they have to be weird about it. Why not just say ‘hey we want to build the ancient city of Jericho, let’s have fun’. Instead they couch this with cautionary language about the dangers of gaming and addiction. Adults these days don’t seem to be able to understand what addiction is or that just having fun using a computer is ok. Why do we always have to be fearful of…well…anything that is not Bible or church related…lol.


In keeping with the overriding theme of EGW’s opus, fun=sin. A certain wing of the church could change its motto to “we’re not happy unless you’re not happy.”


My granddaughter is quite an aficionado of Minecraft…I’m going to send her the link to this article and get her opinion. And I totally agree with the two prior comments…our ‘official’ church position is often so lame!

And BTW…for the Spectrum folks, clicking on the article on this week’s emailed issue does not take you to this article…had to find it on a side panel.

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