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By Elaine Nelson (promoted from the comments section)

Under the "Charles Scriven: Reaction to Davidson / Gane / Tonstad / Larson" post, several folks have been pressing forward in thinking about how to be biblically informed Adventists while recognizing that the cultures and perhaps even principles differ across time and space. Elaine writes: "This appears to be a popular thread so perhaps there are those who would be willing to submit a book or source of studies for a SS class on the contemporary issues facing Christians today.

Today's new scientific [and social] advances present us with problems that do not have a "thus saith the Lord" answer from scripture, such as: stem-cell research, immigration issues, minimum wage, globalization and its effect on our economy, the environment and how Christians should address these and similar questions. Today, many of these problems are placed on ballots for voting. Without giving direct answers, what questions should Christians be asking?

Is there a source for determining both pro and con on such issues so that Christians can become better informed?

Any ideas will be welcomed."

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