This Spectrum Site Enters Third Year

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Today, the Spectrum website marks its second birthday.

In two years, according to Google Analytics:

309,669 Absolute Unique Visitors

703,229 Visits

1,910,954 Pageviews

Yes, before the year it out, we will crest two million pages viewed!

The top ten countries, beyond the U.S., that send regular visitors:

1. U.K. 2. Canada 3. Australia 4. Mexico 5. Norway 6. Colombia 7. Germany 8. South Africa 9. Spain 10. Brazil


1. California 2. Washington 3. Florida 4. Michigan 5. New York 6. Texas 7. Maryland 8. Ohio 9. Georgia 10 Tennessee

Top world cities that send the most regular returning visitors:

1. Loma Linda 2. Los Angeles 3. New York 4. Sydney 5. London 6. Orlando 7. Roseville 8. Dallas 9. Augusta 10. San Francisco

Circles represent regular visits in the hundreds to thousands.

On November 13, we broke 2000 daily visits, the first time since the wild days of the "Pastors' Wives" video.

The most viewed article in the last six months was Unraveling a Witch Hunt.

Thank you for visiting this site. Thank you for conversing about Adventism. Thank you for caring about community.

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