THIS WEEKEND: Loma Linda University Church Hosts "Women's Ordination: The Road to San Antonio"

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This weekend, the Loma Linda University Church will host a day devoted to the topic of women's ordination, entitled "Women's Ordination: The Road to San Antonio."

Women's ordination will not be on the agenda at the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio as such, but delegates will vote on whether or not divisions should be given the right decide women's ordination for themselves. While that vote will be about divisional autonomy and the decentralization of authority, ordination is the issue that holds the denomination's attention.

The LLU Church event on Friday night, January 23 and Saturday, January 24, will feature six guest speakers--four men and two women--and seven presentations, one of them a panel discussion.

The presenters are:

Darius Jankiewicz, professor of Historical Theology at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, Berrien Springs who has served as a pastor in the Greater Sydney and Tasmania conferences, and as a professor of theology at the Adventist-owned Fulton College in Fiji.

John C. Brunt, the senior pastor of the Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Grand Terrace, California, who before serving at Azure Hills spent 19 years teaching in the School of Theology and 12 as Vice President for Academic Administration at Walla Walla University.

Richard M. Davidson, the J. N. Andrews Professor of Old Testament Interpretation at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan who has published numerous works, including several dozen articles on sexuality and gender relations in the Bible, and the 850 page book Flame of Yahweh: Sexuality in the Old Testament (Hendrickson, 2007).

Kessia Reyne Bennett, a Ph.D. candidate in theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, who has served as a pastor, evangelist, and chaplain.

Jon Paulien, Professor of New Testament and Dean of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University.

Dilys Brooks, the Associate Chaplain of Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.

The weekend program is as follows:

The program will be broadcast on the Loma Linda University Church website,, and Spectrum will provide reports from the event.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

The picture would suggest that this will be Pastor Ted Wilson’s last stand. If one is going to choose to fight one ought to choose an issue worth the effort. Headship based on gender is a joke. My sixth grade Church School teacher was better equipped to lead than any male pastor in Augusta in the past 49 years. To mix ego, fear with incompetence and you have trouble in River City! Tom Z

(le vieux) #3

Shouldn’t this event be retitled? “San Antonio: the Road to Women’s Ordination.” We all know what they’re pushing for.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #4


Can you suggest a greater role for a woman than to announce to the twelve that Christ is risen? Isn’t Christianity built upon that event? in the glory of the manger and the glory of the empty tomb! women played the major role. Try and tell the Gospel story without them. Joseph was just a stand in. Tom Z

(le vieux) #5

What’s that got to do with WO?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #6

The point is obvious, If God picked women for the two most important events of the Christian story, who is Ted Wilson to deny qualified women to tell that story now? Moreover, a woman brought an entire village to Christ. Adventism has it head stuck in the desert sand outside a tent. Since Calvary it had been the priesthood of all believers. The way into the Most Holy was opened as Christ cried “It is Finished!” Remember if women and even children had not cried out at the Triumphal Entry, the rocks would have. The Evangel is not gender specific, it never was. Tom Z

(jeremy) #7

i wish i could attend these meetings…i think darius jankiewicz’s concept of headship in the christian church is exceptionally clear…

(le vieux) #8

It may be inconvenient to mention this at this time, but first of all, Ted Wilson does not control who gets ordained and who does not. That has to be voted by the GC in session. Secondly, don’t blame Ted for this; he’s only following the counsel of the inspired apostle.

(Interested Friend) #9

It demonstrates the lack of balance in the LL presentation, Birder. It is most unfortunate that there are no speakers who have shown and know the theological implications of ordaining women.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #10

Bic why do you say that when in Great Controversy Ellen White give high praise to the children of Sweden for taking the pulpit? or did project Hope take that out also.Tom Z

(le vieux) #12

“Taking the pulpit,” as in preaching because adults were forbidden to do so, is a far cry from being ordained to the gospel ministry. I “take the pulpit” about once a month, but I’m not an ordained minister by any stretch.

(Rheticus) #13

Remember though, that this vote has nothing to do with Union Conferences ceding their authority to the GC.

It appears to be a question solely of administration within the GC itself - and, when written as such, it looks very pointless

“Will the GC let the Divisions of the GC decide for themselves whether they can make rude remarks about and idle threats against their client Union Conferences that do things that the Union Conferences are allowed to do?”

Seriously, it is like Ford asking their shareholders for permission to tell one Ford Division that they do not have to make rude remarks about their customers just because another Division’s customers don’t like the first Division’s cars.

But it is not pointless. The GC is trying to lay a foundation for tricking the UC’s into ceding power to the GC without an explicit vote on that issue.

Alternatively, it the GC trying to avoid admitting that they have been wrong.

(Rheticus) #14

Wrong - who gets ordained is a Union Conference decision, not a GC decision.

(Richard Ludders) #15

Watch it online…

(Richard Ludders) #16

Like whom?..

(Thomas J Zwemer) #18

Richard, You might also ask what implications? right now the implications of male headship are all papal ! Tom Z

(Yoyo7th) #19

OK…take a trip to a post GC session time. Assume WO passes and a big celebration takes place for 1-3 months. What will most on Spectrum fight about next , after that time?
LGBT elders?

Or maybe if Ted stays in…a 5 year campaign to get someone else in?

(Thomas J Zwemer) #20

Richard your question got me to surmising all the way back to Glacier View. what if Des Ford had prevailed. What are the implications? With out a doubt the entire framework of Adventism would have crumbled., To admit that Daniel 8:14 was primarily fulfilled during the Inter testament period and that the IJ was an add on would have been a train wreck of global proportions. So Neal Wilson did a Caiphas, better that one man die than an entire denomination perish. now his son comes alone and has to deal with a triple threat, evolution, gay life style, and WO. So he becomes hyper active on all fronts, believing if he loses one he will lose all. When it comes to SA, he will likely do a Pilate and wash his hands and let the divisions take the rap. The end of that ploy will be a congregational form of governance, which is the reality in some of the more liberal congregations. The question remains will Ted Wilson survive a waffle?

the real issue is how does one define a church? Tom Z

(Richard Ludders) #21

I remember that Graham Maxwell, even though he didn’t necessarily agree theologically with Ford, felt he was dealt with unfairly at Glacier View and was sent packing on a fast train out of town.

(George Tichy) #22

Pici, you know that the GC has no control or voting privilege on this issue. The policy is clear, it’s the UNIONS that “control who gets ordained and who does not.”

Ted Wilson has been interfering in the process, even with threats (“grave consequences”) but, based on current policy, this issue is actually none of his business.

But don’t worry, there is no chance that the “infamous question” will get an YES in San Antonio. It’s been all very well orchestrated, the GC knows exactly ho the world church is going to vote. Just relax and wait.