Three Angles Headlines: Carson Presidential Run Immanent; Adventist Hospitals in W. Africa Closed

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Adventist neurosurgeon turned political figure Dr. Benjamin Carson now places second in an Iowa straw poll behind 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. Carson has taken the first steps to running for president of the United States. via The Washington Post.

Kenyan Seventh-day Adventist Church members Prisca Kemboi, Grace Osoro, and Kennedy Tai have won the right to worship on Sabbath instead of working. The Kenyan High Court ruled that their employer, Kenya Post Office Savings Bank, must honor their religious convictions, offering them alternative work hours. Read more here.

Sixteen Seventh-day Adventists have died from the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa. Cooper Hospital and Waterloo Adventist Hospital ave both closed temporarily. Full story here.

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(George Tichy) #3

The announcement of eminent Ben Carson’s candidacy is imminent, which will make him to feel immanent.

I can’t wait for a debate between him and Hillary. There will be three, but one would be more than enough…

(Andreas Bochmann) #4

The ebola epidemic is far bigger an issue than certain ambitions of a certain doctor or current church politics…

The fact that a delegate is attending the annual council via internet is pointing at future possibilities that might be of interest to be explored further.

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #5
  1. Does Spectrum have permission to the world-wide SDA logo this way? Just asking—people might be touchy at the moment (I recall that they asked for a fabulous photo to be taken down for a less arguable reason); 2. It’s a good thing that Carson does not talk about his being (or having been?) an Adventist—no one in the Denomination needs that, now). Thank God for Barry Black: he is kind, grounded, not self-centered or self-aggrandizing, and ministers to The Senate with dignity and Christian openness. He also put up with Carson’s prayer breakfast shenanigans with aplomb. Can’t think of two more different Adventists.

(Jared Wright) #6

Winona, see “Fair Use” of logos. Examples of fair use include commentary, search engines, criticism,
parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. The website that shared the image is primarily a parody site, and the reprinting here falls under fair use exceptions to the church’s exclusive copyright.

(Cfowler) #7

I’ve said this before, but I hope Carson doesn’t run. I don’t know him, but I feel that he is far too nice, and probably naïve, for this arena.

I’ve come to the point in my thinking that only the compromised, sold out and corrupt can be President now. I think the outcome is decided before the campaign season even begins.

You can call me a “tin foil hat” wearer. That’s okay, I’m sure I’ve been called worse!

(Jeff Chesterfield) #8

Please Ben Carson don’t run for president. You will only attract negative publicity towards Adventists and you have no hope of winning anyway.

(George Tichy) #9

Please Dr. Carson, run, run, run! Let’s make Hillary’s job a little bit easier.

(Denny) #10

I suspect Doctor Carson is listening to the wrong folks or likes his ego stroked. He will never win an election. But I do find it ironic an Adventist wanting to rule the ‘lamblike beast’ nation. lol Anyway I’m bad at predicting US elections I’m still surprised (and happy) President Obama won the first time, to be honest I never thought folks of European descent would vote for him… twice.

(George Tichy) #11

Oh, we sure did. Twice!

(Joselito Coo) #12
As far as I know the two Waterloo Adventist Hospital staff members who died of Ebola virus infection were not Adventists. Nonetheless, it’s sad that health care personnel in our Adventist institutions have not been provided better protection.

(P Kevin Wells) #13

I personally don’t believe Dr. Carson has a much of a chance to win a national election. Furthermore, I hope that he doesn’t run. My reasons for this are that I don’t believe that a substantive reasoned conversation can be had during the course of national elections any longer. The political arena is dominated by fleeting images and sound bites.
Can you imagine what the press is gonna do with our history of Catholic bashing? What about our codified, officially endorsed, segregated church in North America? What about our position regarding women’s ordination? What about our pesky history of predicting the end of the world? What about our teaching regarding the Mark of the Beast? How exactly do we explain the role of Ellen White in a 30 second sound bite in such a manner that she doesn’t come across as a complete crank? How do we explain General Conference statements which could easily be interpreted as equating her writings with Scripture? (See under official Statements:CONFIDENCE IN THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY)
I’m a firm believer that the Adventist church has a distinct reason for existence and that the message we should bear to the world is life-saving and needed. However, our own understanding of our role and message is greatly encumbered by many of our traditions and commitment to maintaining the machinery of the church at the expense of the Gospel.

(Joselito Coo) #14
Instead of having waited and subsequently allowing the government to takeover our hospital, could we not have been more proactive in equipping our facilities, under our direction and supervision, in this “war” against the Ebola virus epidemic?

(efcee) #15

The original article reporting the closure of the Adventist hospitals in Africa does not state whether it was the Adventists who made the decision to close/pull out or if it was the decision of the government. The government is reported to be taking over in Waterloo after the Adventists leave, but that doesn’t imply that the government is the one that closed the hospital (or confiscated it) with that intent.

(Winona Winkler Wendth) #16

Oh: Right. Fair game.

(Sirje) #17

… and everything’s been peachy ever since; except for the outcries of racism that still echo around the country every time his feet are held to the fire.

(George Tichy) #18

America was not (and still is not) ready for a black President.

Carson will NEVER be the Republican nominee, no matter how much Hannity supports him. What is he thinking?
The massacre (NO for everything) delivered on Obama by the Republicans in Congress is not much because he is a Democrat, but rather because he is black.
And Carson thinks that his fellow Republicans will get excited with him because he is a Republican?

He is either very naive, or he really enjoys the big river in Egypt!!!

(le vieux) #19

Hillary? Really? Have mercy!

(le vieux) #20

Polling ahead off Mitt Romney is not that great of an accomplishment.

If Dr. Carson does run, he will get weeded out rather quickly, I believe. He’s very articulate, and I have a lot of respect for him, but I think he will accomplish more good in his present role.

(Cfowler) #21

What kind of negative publicity are you concerned about?