Three Angles Headlines: Vegetarianism May Mean Low Sperm Count

(system) #1

This week in Adventist headlines:

The Washingtonian named Seventh-day Adventist Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, the meanest Democratic Congress member of 2014. Rankings are based on anonymous surveys given to congressional employees who rank their bosses. Read the full story here.

Researchers at Loma Linda University Medical School discovered that men who are vegans and vegetarians may have significantly reduced sperm counts than men who are meat eaters. According to the study, a non-meat diet may reduce fertility. More here.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Zambia received commendation for supplementing government efforts in the areas of education, health, and community development. Petauke District Commissioner Velenasi Moyo honored the church. The rest of the story available here.

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(Robert Sonter) #2

Perhaps that’s why Ellen White railed against masturbation. Vegetarians can’t afford to waste these precious little tadpoles… :smile:

(Sirje) #3

OK, this driving me nuts - Could somebody correct the spelling on the title of this section, unless angles are somehow germane.

(Rheticus) #4

I have always assumed “angles”/“angels” is a joke - because you can approach a news story from several different angles.

Like all puns - it begins to grate very quickly.

(Ted Robertson) #5

In her appearances on C-SPAN, Sheila Jackson Lee also seems to wear more jewelry than other Congresspeople.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #6

How did they get the spermatozoa to count except by masterbation? Tom Z

(Drhoads) #7

Seems to me this finding is a good argument in favor of vegetarianism. Don

(P Kevin Wells) #8

LOL. You are in the running for the Winning the Internet Today award. Congratulations!

(Steve Mga) #9

In the Vegetarian Issue they bring up “Soy” foods as a probable cause in reduction. Actually, have they done a study on these men regarding their “Soy” intake, or is that just something the writer of the article threw in?
Does “Soy” actually produce an anti-Testosterone effect? And, if so, how much does one have to eat to obtain this effect?
The article did not state the age groups of the persons tested. Perhaps decade of age produces differences.
I know the article was geared toward the Infertility issue in Men.
But, now days most men and women, if one looks around, are satisfied with having 2 to 3 children. Bigger family size is usually in the minority of married persons.
Are they finding Vegetarians and Vegans are going to Fertility Clinics more frequently than Omnivores?
Or is this whole thing a Non-Issue. Is it one of those Publish or Perish incidences. Or perhaps a Graduate Class Study so everyone in the class gets their name attached to the study?
When I took Organic Chemistry our class did a study of certain compound and got our names published with the article.
Another thought---- Vegetarians and especially Vegans, do they have a tendency to be in a state of MALNUTRITION? Could MALNUTRITION be a probable cause? It did not give any idea of height, weight, muscle mass, body % fat issue. If too low of % body fat, could that be an issue?

(Interested Friend) #10

Looks like Sheila would not qualify to be described as an “angel.” How has she held office from 1995? Hardly a commendation as an SDA to be described as the meanest Democrat.

Who is the meanest Republican I wonder.And the meanest Independent?

(jeremy) #11

this may be an indication that the sperm counts in carnivores is artificially high…it may also be an indirect indication that sex, as an every day release, is abnormal in terms of the divine plan instituted in eden…

what are the sperm counts of mammals outside of the mating season…are sperm counts designed to be static, or is there an ebb and flow…

(Thomas J Zwemer) #12

The Pettis’s Left a very good impression in Congress for Adventism. Tom Zwemer

(Frank Peacham) #13

Sounds like vegetarians possess natural birth control, with smaller families and more effort to start a family. Not always a bad thing.

(Rheticus) #14


I think you need to study the sex lives of bonobo, preying mantis, and dolphins


(Carolyn Parsons) #15

Nutrition has a direct impact on spermatogenesis.In general a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals improves sperm production. Vitamin A has a large impact on sperm production. Zinc is known to be important as well.

(jeremy) #16

rheticus, most people know that dolphins have sex with anything, including women sitting on the edge of their enclosure at places like sea world…we also all know that the female praying mantis, like many arachnids and insects, eat their male counterparts after copulation, or even during copulation…

my reference to mammals was not intended to suggest that we learn from all animals what our sex lives should be…i was simply wondering whether, in the case of mammals relatively similar to us - first of all, a praying mantis isn’t a mammal - there is any correlation between sperm count and estrus - that is all…

(jeremy) #17

as for sheila, i think some people simply have a problem with a competent black woman in power…

(Rheticus) #18

Jeremy, the idea that

is such a Roman Catholic “sex is bad, God doesn’t really approve of it, it is an unfortunate necessity for procreation” position that I could not resist pointing out to you that the world God has made has lots of creatures that use sex for recreation and social interactions.

When Jesus said that, in the next world, there would be no marrying-and-giving-in-marriage, He may have been implying that in the next world we will be as promiscuous as the dolphins and bonobo were in Eden.

(Jared Wright) #19

As pointed out, the Three Angles pun is a reference to the fact that these updates are posted in threes, and they provide angles on the news, thus… It might be that enough people read it and fail to work through all that the title intends to convey, and therefore time to ditch the “Three Angles” formula.

-Late to the Party Jared

(Sirje) #20

I guess I missed it completely - the party, that is. It’s been grating for a while and I couldn’t figure out why no one was taking care of it. :frowning: