Three Angles News - Adventist Church "Reclaimed" as Hindu Temple

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1. A Seventh-day Adventist Church at Asroi village, Uttar Pradesh, India, was "reclaimed" as a Hindu temple by local activists who removed its cross and put up a picture of Shiva in a purification ceremony. Hindu groups say that over 70 former Christians have returned to Hinduism and need a temple in which to worship.

2. The Napa Community Seventh-day Adventist Church is sharing its building for free with Napa's First United Methodist Church, after the historic 1916 Methodist sanctuary was red-tagged in last week’s 6.0 earthquake.

3. The Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), which includes the Seventh-day Adventist Church, has had to suspend operations because 90% of its funding from USAID was canceled due to IRCU's anti-gay policy statement.

Image: From the Times of India. A poster of Shiva being put up inside the Adventist church.

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