Three Angles News - Adventist Pastor Abducted in Ukraine

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1. Ukrainian SDA pastor Sergei Litovchenko was abducted by armed men during a communion service last Sabbath, forced to lock his Horlivka church, and driven away in a car. His whereabouts are unknown. The church is in separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine, and the gunmen said “this is Orthodox land; there is no room for various sects here,” according to ANN.

2. The Magar Adventist Church in northern Nigeria was burned down by the terrorist group Boko Haram on Sabbath, August 23. The congregation’s 67 members fled the area before the fire started.

3. "World Religions: An Occupational Approach," the first massive open online course (MOOC) created by a historically black college or university, is being offered through Oakwood University. Keith Augustus Burton, director of the university’s Center of Adventist-Muslim Relations (and a Spectrum columnist), will teach the course — available for free to anyone worldwide — through the MOOC platform Canvas Network.

Image: Ukrainian SDA pastor Sergei Litovchenko. Photo from ANN.

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(Thomas J Zwemer) #2

A very frightening turn of events. But slmost the same happened in Caremount many years ago, only it was keys and not guns, the mind set was the same. When it comes to my orthodoxy is not the same as your orthodoxy then only the heterodox are safe. I came to the age of awareness during the Spanish Civil War. Today that would be just a side bar. Tom Z

(Interested Friend) #3

My prayers are with this abducted Pastor. It is a wicked world in which we live; IMO much more wicked and dangerous than it was a few decades ago.
In The Grip of Truth

(Thomas J Zwemer) #4

yes, I believe it is, but I recall the atrocities of the Japanese during WWII and the Germans also. there is no such thing as the lowest low of man. Tom Z