Three Angles News - Church Challenges Tax Exemption Change

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1. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, together with over 30 other church organizations, has filed a challenge to a change in the tax-exemption for a pastor's parsonage. Before the change, pastors could deduct the cost of their housing from their taxable income.

2. Logos Bible Software has released a group of software packages for Seventh-day Adventists. According to the Mid-America Union, "These suites of digital tools and texts combine Logos’ top-rated Bible-research and reference tools with a library of Adventist theology, history, and practical resources for church life and outreach."

3. A celebration of life is planned today for Jay Sloop, a retired Yakima obstetrician, who disappeared in Ukraine May 14, 2013. Sloop, who was developing a lifestyle center in Kiev, never returned from a walk in a city park.

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